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I live in Australia and the Swine Flu is apparently yet to arrive here and I would like to know how threatening it is to your life if you do not seek medical attention? Also, If your a healthy person, is it possible for your body to be able to successfully fight off the Swine Flu should it infect you? Are there cures or drugs available to fight off or make you immune to the Swine Flu?
are the borders for all countries going to be closed? and if you don't know yet...when will we be able to find out?
Thank you
and id greatly appreciate it if u answer as soon as possible. this is kind of important.
you know how it is people are close together on a bus. Easier to catch something.
Its one thing having people in Mexico to die, because they dont' have the healthcare we have, and the only person that died from it in the US was a baby....from Mexico!
Anyway, why did they scare everybody, when absoulutely nothing happened?
If I work at a in patient (meaning that people live there) residential treatment center for people recovering from drugs and alcohol and the swine flu goes to a level 6, will I be allowed to stay home from work? And if so, would the residents of the center be allowed to go home to their families or would they have to quarantine here at the center. Thank you in advance for your answers
I havent done anything yet. But I need to start stocking up on canned food and bottled water.
Do you even think a pandemic will happen in our lifetime?
I need to make some easy cash so I figured maybe I can do some swine flu resistant Feng Shui or Flu repelling Rizzla papers. I bet there's some crusty Hippy out there claiming that Ganga is the most effective remedy and charging £150 a quarter for a bag of stinging nettles.
Jerry Lewis has been running his Muscular Dystrophy telethon for many years, making millions and millions of dollars for research.
Scientists use that money toward research into cell reanimation and building new tissue, etc.
Their vaccine gets out, and combined with the deaths of the swine flu, ends up reanimating the dead.
It's a vicious circle, and we need to get our shotguns and chainsaws ready!
Jerry Lewis started this mess. The french made him ultra famous, your 10 dollars just made this a very uncomfortable place to live.
To start with the USA has never and never will learn from the past, it's too paranoid. As far as the flu of 1918 they did what all countries did, dropped dead in their thousands.
Do you believe it will come to the USA? How will you be prepared?
I started getting sick on Monday and began having flu like symptoms the fever, chills, body aches. I went online to tonight to see if it was swine or regular flu. On a couple of websites they all say that nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may be more common with this swine flu than with the regular flu. And the diarrhea is what I have. I have been taking medicine and drinking orange all the good stuff but should I take a trip to the doctor just to make sure?
I just want to know if anyone else is getting ready in the event of a worst case scenario.
Give me some ideas for my drawing
Give me some ideas for my drawing
Give me some ideas for my drawing
Through unconditional love and acts of altruistic kindness :)
I like your way of thinking! Count me in. LOVE and light to you my friend :)
My girlfriend came back from Mexico about 2 weeks ago while the high school kids, who came back with the swine flu and are causing more to be sick, were there. My girlfriend now has all the symptoms, including a 101.5f fever. I have been with her a lot since she came back.
Do you think preventing people from crossing the border with Mexico illegally might help? Where's that border fence congress promised us a couple of years ago? How come with hundreds of billions in federal "stimulus" money being spent, the Dems didn't want to spend any money to build the fence?
I went to the doctor yesterday after being really sick. I have been diagnosed with swine flu. The doctor said I am out of work for the remainder of the week. How long am I contagious for?
Someone said this and I was wondering why.
I am presently working with teh African and Caribbean communities within Toronto to address the issues surronding HIV/AIDS infecting. I am a social worker, working with youths and is seeking your advise.
How is the Swine Flu any different form the normal flu? Also, what makes people die from it?
As with any virus. wash your hands constantly. do not touch your face especially the eyes and nose and mouth.
When in public places use a tissue to open a door or close a door. Santize keyboards and phones daily before starting work.
When eating out, touch a common thing like salt shaker, use a tissue so your hands remain clean.
Teach children to do the same and be aware of those that visit your home.
Its all about not getting the virus into your mouth by eating foods that are hand eaten, and not touching nose or eyes.
Even leaving the restroom, use a tissue to turn the water off after you wash your hands and use that same tissue to open the door to leave, as many hospitals do.
An outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely in a given population.
Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the populations.
I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?
I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?
I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?
I just seen on television and got a report that the government has been authorized to shoot, on site, any of those suspected of having the swine flu. Police are awaiting at local hospitals and showing up in ambulances to calls of those suspected of having this flu and upon diagnosis, shooting those infected in an effort to contain the disease. How soon will our government begin doing the same? What started this outbreak? Did a tourist do something to or with a pig? How scared should we be?
my classmate told me this, but i am really not sure because i haven't heard it on the news... please tell me, i'm starting to worry that i am going to be absent for one week!
Endemic means 'confined to a particular area'
Pandemic means 'spread over all areas'
I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?
Should we close the US-Mexican border to keep safe from this outbreak?
I'll be traveling soon to California and well...we're all very scared of the swine flu. So I was thinking; can the swine flu exist at international airports? Should we be wearing the masks? I was thinking about going to Disneyland (Southern part of California) and I'm really confused as to whether we should still go! Please share your thoughts and feelings!
This is the link to the game:
It's pretty addictive, and I like it a lot.
But I've just had problems on killing off the whole world, any tips on doing so?
Such as, what's the best disease class, and symptoms?
Many thanks in advance.
I know it's an odd phrase, but let's observe. A large majority of people are afraid that avian influenza (Bird Flu) will develop the gene that enables it to spread from human to human and become the next pandemic. A lot of diseases begin in animals, I know that HIV and SARS started in animals, plus there's Monkey Pox, West Nile, Mad Cow, etc. Here's how I picture it, say in this third world country, the government sends someone to a farm to inspect the chickens. They then say, "Hey, we have to kill this many of your chickens to prevent an outbreak." So they slaughter the chickens and move on to the next poor farm. Offering no compensation for their killings. Third world farmers probably care most about having enough money for food, to support their families, etc. So the best thing they can do in this situation is tell other farmers they know "Hey hide your sick chickens!" So, could government compensation possibly help? Please tell me what you'd do if you had governmental power.
It appears President Obama will make it law that you must inoculate your children in the fall from getting the swine flu..He plans on lining them up for injections as they did in the 50s .Are you willing to accept this?
People said that pigs would fly when the USA elected a black president.
Think about it.
I was just watching the news, and there putting suspected swine flu cases into quarintine as they come in through the airports.
Also other suspected cases of NZ citezins are being forced into home qaurintine and are not allowed to leave their houses.
Is this legal to force them into qaurintine?
Pandemic is the new "in" word of government and media to combine PANic and epiDEMIC.HIV is still only referred to as epidemic if anyone can be ar$ed to mention it!
Check this site out to see what is happening in Burma.
People try to blame, complain and ignore in regards to issues like the genocidal events occurring in Burma but are we all not to blame? Do we not allow things like this to happen?
like not holding hands during Ama Namin (Our Father) and avoiding shaking hands as much as possible..
I read that the most reported deaths as a result of the swine flu have occurred in people with either severe long-term diseases or impaired immune systems although there is always risk of anyone becoming infected. So does this mean that swine flu is fatal to the elderly and to young children?
Apparently, there have been 141 deaths out of 27,737 cases.
Got my vote.
Pandemic is located in Brisbane
It now appears that Influenza A (H1N1) can now be passed from humans to pigs - as apparently has happened in Canada. There are a few reports around that point to Bird Flu (H5N1) infecting pig populations without causing the pigs to exhibit any obvious symptoms.
I'm wondering two things here: 1. Has influenza passed from Humans to Pigs easily in the past and 2. What are the chances of the new influenza A (H1N1) and bird flu (H5N1) combining in a pig and creating something new?
it is very sad that more than 100 people died in mexico from swine flu, and there have been confirmed cases in other countries. but is it really a pandemic? 100 out off 109,000,000. is unfortunate, but a pandemic ? is media hype overdoing it ?
Do you think our federal government, state governments and local governments are ready for a flu pandemic? Are they doing the things they could be doing to protect us? (Think about Katrina.)
I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because I've been real sick lately and I'm just wondering, (if the doctor tests me for swine flu), how do they test you? I think I may have it and I'm having a lot of difficulty breathing.
By the way, can I still smoke cigarettes while on my antibiotic that he prescribes?
Got my vote.
The number of cases and deaths continues to rise very slowly. But it never became the threat that we thought it might become a couple of years ago.
Do you think that this situation will transform into a real major threat or global pandemic?
Got my vote.
I would be going early June for 3 weeks.
do you think its a bit hyped up? is it a real concern? do you have any plans in place for a pandemic? or maybe you know someone who has swine flue?
I dont understand how a virus can just magically appear like the swine flu?? maybe the government just made it up and put it out in the just doesnt add up.
Where do you think its come from? (I know its from Mexico though!)
Do you think its the end of the world?
Do you think its serious,like the Great Plague,and we'll have a world fire next year?
Or do you think its like bird flu,where its just the media taking stories and calling them pandemics?
How long do you think the pandemic will last?
So whats everyone think about this swine flu. Is it something to be scared of or just nothing?
I Just Came Back from america to the philippines the day before the h1n1 hit the news. And i am so worried because there was a little girl that came from the US and has the h1n1 virus. Is it possible to spread here? can it live in hot places. cause they said the virus that can be found in pork chops, etc. dies in hot temperatures. and its very hot here in the philippines.
please answer my question seriously. thanks guys
Where do you think its come from? (I know its from Mexico though!)
Do you think its the end of the world?
Do you think its serious,like the Great Plague,and we'll have a world fire next year?
Or do you think its like bird flu,where its just the media taking stories and calling them pandemics?
How long do you think the pandemic will last?
Should i head up into the hills? Would i be safe up there from infected plague carriers in the mountains?
the government. if it reaches level 6, anyone who has swine flu will not be admitted to a hospital unless it's the most severe. hahaha. die!!!
Will it continue to grow and get out of control? Or will we manage to isolate it and bring it to a halt?
like not holding hands during Ama Namin (Our Father) and avoiding shaking hands as much as possible..
It now appears that Influenza A (H1N1) can now be passed from humans to pigs - as apparently has happened in Canada. There are a few reports around that point to Bird Flu (H5N1) infecting pig populations without causing the pigs to exhibit any obvious symptoms.
I'm wondering two things here: 1. Has influenza passed from Humans to Pigs easily in the past and 2. What are the chances of the new influenza A (H1N1) and bird flu (H5N1) combining in a pig and creating something new?
What exactly was his reasoning? Do you think there is now any chance for a widespread 9-11 type "accident" with labwork pathogens?
Could the swine flu be a coincidence to the bird flu, all the salmonella poisoning and food recalls? Like it's some sort of terroist attack on the U.S.?
This is just a opinion and like to know if anyone else feels the same.
Also, should we really be that scared? I know I would if I had traveled to Mexico, but what about all the other viruses out there or the diseases and pollution we are exposed to on a daily basis! Or, how we risk our lives everytime we go behind the wheel of our vehicles everyday. I am not all that concerned.
hi everyone i would just like to know if it possible to eat raw foods such as sushi, maki and sashimi because i've heard that its not good as there is ans H1N1 outbreak right now? even if we're eating in the near the mddle east, in southern asia?
I am trying to research the new Swine flu outbreak possible global infection. :(
Just wondering....
btw i told myself i wouldn't eat out until this whole swine flu mess was over. Then i went and got chinese food b/c i'm such a pig and this whole mess is never gonna go away! Now i feel a little worried lol...
so does anyone know the answer to the question?
from what i have read the current "swine flu" is a mixture of human ,avian and two types of swine flu. so if it is in fact part swine shouldn't the name still stick? i know the pig farmers where in a uproar because it might hurt their bottom dollar but isn't the current epidemic a little more important than their wallets or is the government pushing a change of the name so as not to worry people ?
Will we even be hearing any more of it come next week?
I'm really worried, should I go to the doctor?
What supplies should we have? And how much for a family of 10? Should we be prepared to quarantine ourselves for at least 3 to 6 months once the Avian Flu is in our area of the US? If most of the normal daily functions in our society are interrupted, won't this cause the people who didn't prepare themselves to act out in abnormal ways, such as threatening others and stealing when they run out of what little food and medicine, etc. they had in their homes? And with police and other law enforcement agencies looking out for their own families and quarantining themselves, too, won't we have to be in a position to protect ourselves and our families from those that could try to do us harm because they are desparate to provide for their own families?
This end May we are traveling to NYC with a 2 year old toddler. We have everything booked. Is it save to go there for vacation right now with all the Swine Flu situation there? We are so looking forward for this vacation, we are coming from Aruba.
I am looking for what information experts gather to predict so and if they use certain methods.
I heard something about a swine flu on yahoo. I noticed in the pictures people kept wearing masks. I read the news but I still don't know what it is! Where is it infecting the most now?
It seems kind of scary knowing that the US is one of the countries infected.
H1N1 is just the strain of flu it is. it's still called swine flu, H1N1 is scientific, you don't need to know it.
I am sure chi boy will have something to say soon-real soon. Well, it didn’t take long for partisan Democrats to blame the swine flu outbreak on the Republican Party.
Here’s the line: Since House Republicans all opposed the trillion-dollar-porkulus, which included funding for pandemic preparations, it’s all Bush's Fault. o_O
No, really:
When I mean big, I mean death to 1/3 of the population big. Do you think it would be natural, or biological warfare?
LOL yes. But they dont want the pig industry to suffer.
for symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of Swine flu:
I welcome answers in the affirmative as well as negative. I am doing a project and therefore wish the same. I would highly appreciate answers from those unfortunate to have contracted the illness.
I've heard that if you get infected with the more mild swine flu now, when it mutates and becomes a really dangerous disease, you'll be immune. Is that true?
I want to be infected and spread it to my friends.
i go to college by metro
7alena fe el metro byb2a bo2ena fe boo2 ba3ed
so what do u think of wearing a mask when i go to college only when i am in metro
since there maybe ppl in egypt got infected with these desease
All the rage lately is about how we are all going to die from the swine flu. I am not concerned. Should i be?
Focus on the antigenic makeup of the strain use
Focus on the antigenic makeup of the strain use
I say late Friday or early Saturday. I think that is when someone outside of North America who hasn't been to Mexico gets the H1N1.
its just like regular flu only that less than 100 people die of swine flu in the time where regular flu kills thousandS so dont worry about it and its all just a scare for mass vacination so whatever you do dont get vaccinated because it is proven and documented that it only spreads the virus
NO, but they won't hesitate to use a good crisis to shove through their agenda without debate.
They thought that Tulisa, the girl from N-Dubz had it after she fainted on stage during a performance. She was kept in quarantine etc... However, when they tested her for swine flu, results came back negative, so its all good! xD
I haven't seen the news for days but just started seeing it everywhere online. What is it? Is it serious?
Or do you believe that an Avian Flu pandemic is still a strong possibility for the near future?
I went to New York City on Saturday and just now heard about the swine flu. I'm a little concerned so if anyone could tell me how long it takes for symptoms to appear and any additional info would be great.
How do all these people think their roads, hospitals, schools, police, army are financed?
Mexican drug cartels were apparently having a war and it was crossing into the US . Accusations of Mexican drug cartels infiltration into the US was in the papers and law officials were complaining etc etc
So did that all get sorted out ?
Or has that story just been pushed aside for Swine flu and if so how are those drug wars going and what about the mob infiltrations etc etc ?
I need to know the opinions of average Americans, I feel as though the government is making a big deal out of nothing.
Do symptoms show right away for swine flu? And can you get it from somebody who isn't showing symptoms yet? My boyfriend is a server/bartender and we have a 6 month old baby girl, so I guess I'm a little worried about that. Thanx!
How important will the fact be that millions of people do not have medical insurance?
We spent Saturday 9th May with my sister-in-law that lives in Mexico. She arrived around the 28th April from cancun to the uk. She has no signs of being ill and was given the all clear from the airport when she arrived here. My son is 10 months old and has been a little under the weather since we returned from Egypt on Monday 4th May. This afternoon he has devoloped a slight temperate, runny nose and phlegmy cough. Is he at risk it could be swine flu?
I was just curious to know about what the symptons are of this new flu? please if you don't know please don't answer,sry. no offense to anybody. I just want to know exact. Thanks,
Apparently the swine flu has been declared the first pandemic in 40 years...
..But was SARS, the illness that went around only a few years ago, not a pandemic?? :/
so as to take the spotlight off the ongoing failures of the bail outs, stimulus and budget?
Just asking.......
I know Republicans are so dead set against Universal Health care . People with out medical care will certainly spread disease with out even knowing it . Poor working class people who can not afford Medical insurance will certainly go to work with the flu or risk losing their income . People who work at restaurants drive a cab or work at a grocery store (who handle money BTW ) seldom have health INS. This is how the flu spreads so quickly.
Any opinions and ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!
I have all but 4 areas infected or completely destroyed. How do I get the disease to spread to these four areas. If it helps any the areas are: Cuba, Japan, South America, and Madagascar.
well, The puppet government of Cuba and their terrorist partners in FLA, are behind the bacteriological/biological terrorist attack against Mexico!
Swine flu affects pigs. But it was modified in labs to make it affect humans.
Mexico suspect in Cuba's clandestine labs.
Cuba is afraid and ban Mexico to visit the island.
Florida is afraid too.
Terrorist cells in Cuba and Florida are under investigation.
I want to prove to my co-workers that getting swine flu isn’t anything to worry about. I think that getting swine flu and quickly recovering from it is the best way to ease their fears.
My friend told me (I dont know where he picked it up from) that all country to country travel would be stopped if phase 6 was activated. Is this true?
Regular flu kills 34,000 each year just in the U.S. Yet, thanks to our media overblowing this, if swine flu kills just 3,000, it will be sheer panic and terror. Go media!
my friend and i are attending a concert on may 5th and it's at an arena. we have floor tix which means we're in the mosh pit. we bought these tix months ago
now i'm wondeirng if it's safe to go...
but at the same time, why should people with Swine even be going out?
My 15 year old watched that NHS advert about Swine Flu spreading through a lift, now he's scared to death. He's always been a bit of a germ-freak but now hes talking about not sharing knives and forks.
But nobody freaks out over THAT? WTF, people. Calm down. It's really unlikely it'll kill you even if you do get it.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a pandemic can start when three conditions have been met:
Emergence of a disease new to a population.
Agents infect humans, causing serious illness.
Agents spread easily and sustainably among humans.
A disease or condition is not a pandemic merely because it is widespread or kills many people; it must also be infectious.
Description of epidemic - American Heritage® Dictionary
ADJECTIVE: 1. Spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time: an epidemic outbreak of influenza.
What states have confirmed cases of the swine flu?
A UNICEF report has published that by 2010 South Africa will have 25 million children who will be orphaned as a result of HIV now my question is why do African government continue with a policy that is obviously not working in terms of the objective of keeping the population alive?
I've been currently following the Swine flu outbreaks and I was wondering if anyone knew for sure if this outbreak would actually be more harm full than the bird flu that everyone was so concerned about in 2004? I'd like to have real facts along as your opinion so thanks!
c mon differant name, but same flu. what you thinking now since they changed the name. are you more or less worried
My friend told me (I dont know where he picked it up from) that all country to country travel would be stopped if phase 6 was activated. Is this true?
The Swine flu is airborne, it is worse than SARS in Asia in 2003.
People start to pass away in US.
WHO is working retrospectively.
What should we do?
The same as the flu. Fever, nausea, headache, body aches.
The virus has mutated to the point where it is almost exactly the same as the flu virus.
The only difference is that it seems to last a shorter period of time than your ordinary flu virus.
why is the swine flu labeled the next pandemic so quickly...does anyone this is manufactured.....i heard it is rare for the virus to spread and still be deadly after mutating so many times....what do you all think?
i spread my h1n1 jerms all over school how do i save the day so i dont go to hell
More people in America die every day from the regular flu than have died world wide from the swine flu. I think the media has over hyped this and now people are freaking out. My brother in law is one of them. It's one thing to warn us but this is over the top.
Because my friend says they are the exact same thing. I really want to know what Normal flu is called as far as numbers go like swine flu is A H1N1
I don't know. But if you're the Government you should know.
Fever in swine flu is very high and the whole body will hurt. While I understand the concern as long as you practice good hygiene and stay out of crowded situations for now, you chances are actually low unless you come in contact with somebody directly.
The size and scope of the diseases effect...epidemics can be local, pandemics can be global.
I am already avoiding cops and myself - what else can I do?
I was wondering because my friend's mom went to the hospital this morning because she was throwing up and up all night. I am worried. Could this be the swine flu?
but authorities have already closed all of the schools in Japan, because of their number. Why isn't America taking this virus more seriously, like everywhere else?
So of course i've been watching the news, but not very steadily. Can someone explain how this sudden outbreak happened or where it started and what's the threat of it? Maybe how it spreads and if the Swine Flu and the H1N1 Virus are two different things, explain the difference please and no jokes either, i'd just like to know all about it out of curiosity.
It was a map of the country with little red dots where we could expect to see concentrations of the swine flu. First person to give me a working link to this map will get full stars.
Yesterday 4/27/09 we had a small discassion in one of my highschool classes on how the swine flu crossed from pigs to humans. Three ways were given first that an infacted pig was eaten (poor meat quality in mexico). The virus mutated into a strand that could effect humans. or a human got a little to personal with a pig? wich answer, if any, is true and if none are how did it happen?
I recently started playing Pandemic II and i can't figure out how to infect Madagascar. Can you please help me?
So far eighty people have died in Mexico. Swine flu has been seen in California, Kansas, Texas, New York, Minnesota from people who have been in Mexico recently.
I see channels in China and the people are wearing face masks and taking Swine Flu very serious. But here in the US people dont seem to be really taking it take serious. Is this just a regular flu? Any thoughts or feedback?
An epidemic, also called an outbreak, is a localized event. It usually affects a town, state, region or nation on a larger scale.
A pandemic is global in nature. The plagues were pandemic. Smallpox was pandemic.
There are a lot of patients in hospitals with swine do the people that work there keep away from getting sick? Is it those masks and hand washing?
what are your thoughts?
I heard people say that this virus was caused so that Americans spend more money on drugs. If this was the case they didn't consider the fact that people will not be going out as often. Public events are being shut down because of the virus. Money is being lost here!!
So what are your thoughts?
An epidemic, also called an outbreak, is a localized event. It usually affects a town, state, region or nation on a larger scale.
A pandemic is global in nature. The plagues were pandemic. Smallpox was pandemic.
Do you need to have ALMOST or ALL the symptoms to have the swine flue? What if you only have 4 of the symptoms?
I went to public places (bus transportation, library, school, restaurant) today and I forgot to wash my hands before I ate dinner. Now I'm worried about catching swine flu since I live in California.
Darn my college final is only two weeks away.
I just want to see what other ppl's input is on this. Do you think we'll be raised to 6?, cause there's more states with cases and already one death. Or do you think we'll level off on 5? I hope we'll start to level off soon. My guess is that we'll stay at 5. Luckily, I live in a state with no cases and that it can be treated with Tamiflu.
Democrat's constant habit of tax and spend and pork and his own Porkulus Package where he spent trillions of dollars we don't have?
There hundreds of thousands of people who for many reasons cannot take Tamiflu either because they are allergic to the ingredients or because they have a condition they can be affected by the drug
Nobody seems to even mention these people
For instance pregnant women cannot take Tamiflu
So has been done for millions of people who cannot take this drug due its bad side effects in these people
Democrat's constant habit of tax and spend and pork and his own Porkulus Package where he spent trillions of dollars we don't have?
Level 6 appears to carry no special "World Government" clamp downs. It simply appears to be a description that the disease has jumped to multiple "WHO" regions instead of being isolated in one.
"Phase 6, the pandemic phase, is characterized by community level outbreaks in at least one other country in a different WHO region in addition to the criteria defined in Phase 5. Designation of this phase will indicate that a global pandemic is under way."
It's possible that if the virus mutates somehow it can become lethal, but so far it does not carry any deadly genes. The reason all those people died in Mexico was because of inadequate health care and poor hygenic conditions. The H1N1 virus is nothing more than a different strain of the common flu bug.
I am flying from Seattle to Phoenix next Monday. I already looked up the symptoms of the this virus. It has the same symptoms as the flu. I already got my flu shot on February 12th when my family was sick
with the flu. I want to make sure to not end up with the swine flu.
I do have medical insurance so if I do get sick I will be able to get seen at the doctors. What are the chance of getting the swine flu while on my trip? Since I am going to be really close to the us mexico border. I am not going to mexico. I will be staying in the Mesa and phoenix area.
Pandemic means it is everywhere, epidemic means we are all screwed.
I always watch the news, and for a while, the swine flu was a big hit. I still watch the news and the swine flu is still affecting people, but dosnt seem to be such a big deal anymore. The news isnt talking about it alot anymore, and when they do, they call it something else. Whats happening?
I have a blocked slightly nose and a slight cough, i have never been to mexico, i live in england were there have been no cases of swine flu. there have been two in scotland. should i worry and as the title says how would i tell the difference?
If swine flu was found in your child's school or in your office would you still carry on as usual?
The swine flu is like any other flu. But no vaccine. there is over 100 cold flu's but there the same.
this is the infection tracker
People need to stop making this a bigger deal than this seams. Im not saying it isnt. But swine flu is just another flu thats all!
Where is this outbreak headed?
Will it get better or worse?
Will we see it progress towards the worst case scenario?
With the "outbreak" of swine flu, is the economy suddenly now not issue #1? Has the the swine flu somehow undone all the deficit spending and foreclosures in America? Has it somehow restored the banks confidence in the public?
It's a little pathetic how a flu that has killed less than a 1,000 people thus far is suddenly dominating the headlines, when the plain ol' regular flu kills approximately 500,000 people a year.
What new, sensational story will the media run with next week to forget they ever mentioned the swine flu? When will the economy be crappy enough to be worth covering?
Can h1n1 flu virus fly through atmosphere from a state to state without an infected person? I am in PA. Nobody have h1n1 flu in this state.
You do realize that strain has been around for close to a century, right?
Also, it was not created in a lab, but simply a mutated strain of the flu virus. Please get your facts straight before asking loaded questions like this.
I believe it began with a C.
What is it? Every one keeps saying "Oh no! Phase 5!" But what do they mean by it? Also, what does it have to do with the swine flu?
I was wondering how long the swine flu virus stays infective on inanimate objects such as a gasoline pump?
Could I get the swine flu if someone with the influenza pumps gas before I do? How long will the pump stay infectious?
What precautions should I be taking, especially if I work full-time in an elementary school? Should I be putting hand sanitizer on regulararily? I'm on average around grade seven/eight students.
if you die of an epidemic are you less dead or more?
I am a very stressed out person and I know stress leads to severity of viruses and even increases the chance of getting a virus. Would swine flu be able to kill me or something like that?
My skin has turned a light shade of green, and I'm starting to become overtired no matter how long I sleep
What's your favorite & most informative website on this subject ?
people forgot about it i think. i did.
It's destroying us all!
Some blind may say that the name H1N1 has originated from Mexico related to Swine flu. But influenza A virus subtype H1N1, also known as A(H1N1), is a subtype of influenza virus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans.
Influenza A virus strains are categorized according to two proteins found on the surface of the virus: hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). All influenza A viruses contain hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, but the structure of these proteins differs from strain to strain due to rapid genetic mutation in the viral genome. Influenza A virus strains are assigned an H number and an N number based on which forms of these two proteins the strain contains.
There are 16 H and 9 N subtypes known in birds, but only H 1, 2 and 3, and N 1 and 2 are commonly found in humans.
Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans, including the strain(s) responsible for the 1918 flu pandemic which killed 50–100 million people worldwide. Less virulent H1N1 strains still exist in the wild today, worldwide, causing a small fraction of all influenza-like illness and a large fraction of all seasonal influenza. H1N1 strains caused roughly half of all flu infections in 2006. Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs and in birds.
Minor outbreaks of swine influenza occurred in humans in 1976 and 1988, and in pigs in 1998 and 2007. In the 2009 swine flu outbreak, the virus isolated from patients in the United States was found to be made up of genetic elements from four different flu viruses – North American Mexican influenza, North American avian influenza, human influenza, and swine influenza virus typically found in Asia and Europe – "an unusually mongrelised mix of genetic sequences."
This new strain appears to be a result of reassortment of human influenza and swine influenza viruses, in all four different strains of subtype H1N1.
However, as the virus has not yet been isolated in animals to date and also for historical naming reasons, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) suggests it be called "North-American influenza". On April 30, 2009 the World Health Organization began referring to the outbreak as "Influenza A" instead of "swine flu"., and later began referring to it as "Influenza A(H1N1)".
Now we're in the fifth level. If we reach the sixth, what happens? Do school close or something like that?
I just got back from Mexico (Tijuana) 4 days back to San Diego.
But now swine flu is real bad news.
And this time when I return, I am actually going for more than 7days.
How can I try be safe?
I will be working closely with lots of children so avoiding physical contact is not easy.
i do.
i think its just like the normal flu,
but with "swine" put in front of it :|
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There have been 1,1490 confrimed cases confrimed worldwide. Not sure of all countries but here are a few, UK, US, Mexico, Canada, spain, portugal. Check bbc outbreak map. Please be advised the WHO are talking about raising the pandemic alert level to its highest level of 6 TONIGHT becuase there is clear evidence that the virus is becoming establsihed in the worldwide communities and it poses a threat to millions.
I'm more worried about navigating the airports and spending 9 hours on a plane with a couple hundred people in close quarters than being in London. Anybody have info on plane acquired illness? Can anybody help put my concerns into perspective?
where and how many confirmed cases of H1N1 are there in the U.S. and Canada? (province or state, # of cases) I'm traveling to the states in a few weeks and there are going to be a lot of people.
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That would be the deadliest flu since the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.
Why isn't the CDC coming out with more accurate numbers regarding numbers of infected people and mortality rates? From what I can see, that mortality rate is way off base and is causing unfounded fears. Any thoughts?
And how many people exactly died? which countries? how about US and Europe? i have log to Wikipedia, not much helped, neither though the question in the search button here. Thanks!