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I was wondering how long the swine flu virus stays infective on inanimate objects such as a gasoline pump?
Could I get the swine flu if someone with the influenza pumps gas before I do? How long will the pump stay infectious?


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The swine flu, like so many other viruses, can go dormant but remain hazardous for years. If it has gone dormant, it usually isn't all that dangerous. But here's a chance for a health professional to do what we do best: preach hand washing.
That's right: after all these years of experience and all these years of careful laboratory research, we recognize that the best preventive of all is -still- simple and frequent hand washing with warm water and soap. So get out ya bar of Dial, dude!
P.S. Antibacterial soap is not necessary - cheaper soap and warm water are just as effective. As for the gas pump handle - usually not a problem, but carry some of those antibacterial hand-wipes in your briefcase or purse and use one after ya fill your tank.

Jenny said...

Watch this special report by Alex Jones. It is highly likely 95% that this was created in a lab and is a test for something worse to come. Obama also owns shares in the vaccine company.

stevenev said...

I don't have an answer to your question, but if you are too concerned, get one of those alcohol soaps (forgot the name now), and constantly clean your hand after contract. That is a cheap and effective solution to the problem.

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wear gloves and a mask take plenty of showers and always wash your hands
but to your pump question probably days at least(thats how long the regular flu virus can stay on things)oh yeah gloves when pumping gas

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