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This end May we are traveling to NYC with a 2 year old toddler. We have everything booked. Is it save to go there for vacation right now with all the Swine Flu situation there? We are so looking forward for this vacation, we are coming from Aruba.


Ion Foot Spa said...

It is safe, however, you should be cautious with people around you coughing and sneezing. If people look like they have a fever stay away from them. When i go to school I take the metro everyday. I usually bring, a facemask (precaution) and hand sanitizer. It also depends on where you are in New York. Try to avoid large crowds and such. I haven't gotten sick yet. Also, for some reason, the swine flu here in New York isn't as bad as in Mexico, but you still have to take precautions. stay safe.(P.S. where a facemask in the plane. Swine travels through air so keep it on at all times at the flight.)

L M said...

you are fine as long as you avoid queens lol and the subway, stay in open areas and avoid people who are sick. carry a anti bacterial hand wash with you. keep an eye on your daughter the most, they are more fragile, keep her hands clean and avoid her touching her eyes nose and mouth. good luck and have fun.

Native New Yorker said...

Roxana, you'll be fine. There is no need to alarmed. This is just a small cluster that contained to several schools in the city. This flu will pass and everything will be back to normal.
Go and enjoy your trip.
Good luck

S W said...

Look at the CDC and the WHO websites, you will see travel restrictions have NOT even been recommended yet.

partyins said...

you will be fine. go for it.
besides. its at the end of may. this whole "freak out" may be over by then.

ᴀngєℓ said...

idk, take a mask.

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