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I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because I've been real sick lately and I'm just wondering, (if the doctor tests me for swine flu), how do they test you? I think I may have it and I'm having a lot of difficulty breathing.
By the way, can I still smoke cigarettes while on my antibiotic that he prescribes?


Baby Backpack Carriers said...

The same way they do to check for the flue,
PS: that "anti H1N1 shot" is actually a flue worse than the virus itsefl!
pretty creepy, huh!

Wake7 said...

Take a swab of some of your cells and put it in a microcentrifuge tube.
Add some buffers that block DNAses (enzymes that destroy DNA).
Add tiny glass beads to the tube. Put the tube in a tissue lyser (shakes the tube so the glass beads rip apart all the cells).
Add the contents of the tube to another tube with a filter - add various buffers that bring everything through the filter except for the DNA, which binds very specifically to the filter.
Stick a collection tube below the filter, and add DNAse free water. Now all you have is your DNA and water in a tube.
A heat resistant DNA polymerase, nucleotides (components of DNA), and primers for the region that are known to code for the viruses proteins or genome
to the tube. Heat it to 95 C. This denatures the DNA.
Cool it so that the primers can bind to the DNA, then heat it so the DNA polymerase can work (but not to 95 C again).
Do this 30 times using a PCR cycler.
Now add your product to a gel, visualize it using UV light and EtBr. If you have swine flu, bands will be visible because there will be DNA present. If no bands show, no DNA was amplified, meaning the primers did not bind to anything, which means the viral protein sequence was not present.

Here to steal your heart said...

My friend got really sick and she had to go to her doctor to check if she had swine flu. She said that they put this thing in your nose and it hurts. Maybe some doctors do a different checkup. I'm not sure.

Kellen said...

they do a nose feels uncomfortable for a few minutes i had one done and it came back negative thank god. i was really sick but not swine flu.u probably just have something else

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