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I just seen on television and got a report that the government has been authorized to shoot, on site, any of those suspected of having the swine flu. Police are awaiting at local hospitals and showing up in ambulances to calls of those suspected of having this flu and upon diagnosis, shooting those infected in an effort to contain the disease. How soon will our government begin doing the same? What started this outbreak? Did a tourist do something to or with a pig? How scared should we be?


cheapest said...

there is no way, the best way to keep from getting shot is to not hang out in public, stay away from the police, they are not there to protect the people anyway, they are only there to protect the law and order, which people play a small part in.
Besides, this flu is a very dangerous thing. I have watched the numbers double in the last 3 days, now it is in Auckland, New Zealand....
Why am I worried? you may not remember this from your history classes, but in 1819 we were hit by a swine flu / avian flu, it killed 675 thousand Americans and another 100 million people around the globe.
That's why I am worried.
Gerald Ford ordered in the late 70's that everyone be vaccinated, 500 people developed Guillain-Barré Syndrome and some of them died as a result of complications from the vaccine.
We as Americans and we as Humans are NOT prepared for this.
We spend too much money on other useless things. once an asteroid starts coming towards us, or some pandemic or who knows what, we will be SOL.

Cosco Baby Gear said...

If Mexico is shooting swine flu cases and I doubt they are, it is none of our business. More then likely they are sending the sick ones here.. I've seen the pamphlets the Mexican govt puts out, showing Illegals how to get into the US.. We need to worry about our own nation first for a change. Seal the borders.

justgett said...

I have no idea what channel you have been watching.... they people infected are sick not zombies for the government to shoot them

angel_t said...

What? I think I need to see a link to that report! I serious doubt that they are killing swine flu victims.

fox_mapl said...

Wow. I kind of seriously doubt that the report you read is real.

Ohaeri said...

Okay, yeah. That was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

Missy said...

That's bull.
It doesn't just involve pigs.. do some research.

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