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Focus on the antigenic makeup of the strain use


trouble said...

its a different strain of flu

Outdoor Wind Chimes said...

I don't know anything about antigens, but I do know why our flu vaccine does nothing against this disease. Creating a flu vaccine is actually very difficult, as there are so many possible strains of a virus that could to endemic in a season. Usually, three candidates are picked as the most likely ones to go endemic this year, and the one that does go endemic is distributed. The H1N1 is different from the flu virus that became endemic this year, and as such the vaccine is worthless against the virus.

qmojen said...

vaccines introduce portions of an organism ( antigens ) in a very small amount. we react to it and produce substances that fight the organism - antibodies.
flu viruses contain two components as antigens - the 'H' part and the 'N' part. these viruses also have this amazing ability to change its 'H' and 'N' parts in processes called as antigenic shift( big change) and antigenic drift(subtle change).
an old vaccine is hence not going to be effective against a new type of changed flu virus with a new type of 'H' and 'N' . the one we have now is a variant of flu virus that contains H1 type of H antigen and N1 type of N antigen
the disease will be mostly self limiting
so dont worry

akash k said...

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The mother hater said...

Its a mixture of Pig, Bird, and Human.
Its nothing to worry about, just lay low.

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