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As with any virus. wash your hands constantly. do not touch your face especially the eyes and nose and mouth.
When in public places use a tissue to open a door or close a door. Santize keyboards and phones daily before starting work.
When eating out, touch a common thing like salt shaker, use a tissue so your hands remain clean.
Teach children to do the same and be aware of those that visit your home.
Its all about not getting the virus into your mouth by eating foods that are hand eaten, and not touching nose or eyes.
Even leaving the restroom, use a tissue to turn the water off after you wash your hands and use that same tissue to open the door to leave, as many hospitals do.


Weird Videos said...

take a rest.
take vitamin C. Vitamin C from fresh fruits is better.
And most importantly take a bath.

Rocky (One cutie dude) said...

Avoid crowds and always take healthy foods while maintaining sanitary conditions in your place of domicile.

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