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Do you think our federal government, state governments and local governments are ready for a flu pandemic? Are they doing the things they could be doing to protect us? (Think about Katrina.)


Alex said...

no & government officials really don't care. in case something happens, the rich & powerful will not have a problem getting their hands on vaccine. the people who would die would be the poorest...and they just see that as less tax money they have to pay for welfare.

DCCIII said...

More people urged to get flu vaccine
US health officials said yesterday that they are worried that an abundance of unused flu vaccine this year may lead to millions of doses being thrown out, discouraging manufacturers from making as much in the future. They are urging Americans to get flu shots even after Thanksgiving, when public demand customarily drops off, even though the flu season typically doesn't peak until February. More than 110 million doses -- a record amount -- are being made for the 2006-07 flu season. The previous record was 95 million in 2002-03. That season, 12 million doses went unused and one manufacturer quit making shots. (AP)
Vaccines: The Deadly Cure
"The only safe vaccine is one that is never used." Dr. James R. Shannon
Un-Vaccinated are more Healthy: Selected quotes from around the world
Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines

Lunatic Videos said...

1) No.
2) They certainly could be better prepared.
3) It is impractical to be fully prepared.

comicard said...

I don't think that the Federal Government is ready for anything, especially for the last six years.

Funny Crash Videos said...

Neither federal, state nor local governments are prepared for a flu pandemic. Or, for any type of major disaster. They keep proving that to us.

Cookies Anyone? said...

How about we cut off all welfare recipients and save that money for disasters?

Its me!!! :) said...

Knowing what happened during Katrina.. No.. I actually live in Louisiana...They can't even handle a day to day matter.. Besides.. Georgie cut health care so that we can send billions to Iraq... Remember???

The Avatar said...

I am actually involved with the system that is supposed to be working on this. The answer is no. They are trying, and they have policies and procedures in place, but it takes money and manpower to run, and it's not happening very fast.
One big problem is that it will take individual involvement to make everything work, and people are lazy, and prefer to ignore planning for the future. (Like Katrina.) People who sit around on their @$$ and wait for the government to save them, and then complain about not being saved are the real problem here. (Notice states like Mississippi didn't complain and moan like Louisiana, though they suffered devastation, too? Different attitude=different results.)
If you want to be prepared, stockpile food, water and supplies for two weeks for your household (everybody in your house). When the flu hits; STAY HOME! It's that simple.
Believe it or not, the Feds even monitor the purchase of Imodium (fixes diarrhea) to see if the population is getting sick before hospitals report it.
Work is being done, but you need to do your own part, too.

Chroma said...

No, they'll fail miserably again.

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