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Bio-Surveillance update:
Protest via the Million Med March

HR3200 HIPAA H1N1 FEMA bio-surveillance network will track the RFID vaccine...

Music video of the song: Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine Song) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of This song was written in protest of the widespread swine flu v...

The University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development will lead one of the nation's first studies of an experimental vaccine designed to prevent the 2009 H1N1 influenza vir...

For latest on swine flu see:
(currently in 44 states, 9th May 2009).

The swine influenza is now in phase 5. That mean the virus has spread to multiple countries and ...

SisterSunnshine comments on a recent article which discusses VeriChip's plan to produce & market an implantable chip which can monitor the blood of the implantee and transmit data to a computer. It...

Do not take the swine flu vaccination!
The Florida Courts Pandemic Influenza Bench Guide which was put together in 2006 deals with the specific role of the Florida courts in a public health emergen...

Charge them with TRESPASS AND ASSAULT !


It is absolutely vital that Informed Consent is carried out before you are vaccinated with the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Are New Vaccines Laced with ...

should i go to the doctors incase i have swine flu? i have a sore throat, i feel dizzy and tired and a quite nauseous(may be from worry), also i have back ache at the top of my back and i keep having head aches for the past couple of weeks. i havent been in contact with anyone who has come back from mexico and i havent been myself. i dont know anyone with it but i am worried that i may have it?
thanks guys x, Quantumsolutions Healing Praxis, 7 keys to Raise your frequency,
Stop the Vax!
Hopefully our efforts t...

This unprecedented H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak implicates the Ango-American Vaccine Pipeline, says world leading consumer health protector, Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Consider the skyrocketin...

infected again?I mean does anibodies develope in the body to fight swineflu ?

This Friday is the third Friday in June. On the third Friday of every month in the stock and bond markets, option contracts expire. On the third Friday of every quarter, quarterly contracts and opt...

Schoolchildren and adults 30 to 39 should be priority for flu vaccines, Clemson-Yale study concludes. Optimal control of the spread of the seasonal flu and H1N1 is achieved by prioritizing vaccina...

The swine flu vaccine is now being offered in the United States, but many people are worried about the vaccine's potential side effects. Many say that the vaccine could be linked to the guillain ba...

im 9 weeks 2days had my first midwife appointment today i absolutely hated it and yeah went to doc today and they suspect i have swine flu she said relenza is fine in pregnancy but is it really??can you give me the lowdown on having swine flu in pregnancy??and being on relenza in pregnancy?? i have been really worried about missed abortion/miscarriage and now possibly having swine flu has made me even more anxious the doc told me that swine flu can cause miscarriage please info guys!!! my flu friend had gone to get it for me so have not taken it yet!!
thanks x x

I know what I gonna do..Hoard guns,bullets,food and water..I advise you guys to do the same

. H1N1 swine flu police state usa american alex jones fox news msnbc cnn glenn beck 9/11 inside j...

im worried that i might have swine flu ive been to my doctor he said i have a bad influenza and i got put on codral cold and flu tablets and Nurofren for fever my symptoms are a high fever my highest has been 39.2 and it contually goes up and down i also have a bad cough this all started wensday morning and i have chills and my body was sore on wensday but not today im still eating drinking i have cold baths when my temperature is high and it seems to be stabilizing what should i do if i still have fevers high then stable in the next few days do i need to go to hospital?

I strongly advise those living in Atlanta to pay close attention. This is nothing more than a conspiracy, but keep in mind most conspiracy are backed by supporting evidence. Let me know what you gu...

I had swine flu about 2/3 weeks ago. Im over it but when i had it it left me run down and needing a number of naps during the day. Now if i don't have a nap i get over tired and angry. The by the time i start waking up again its about 11/12 o'clock at night so then i struggle to sleep in the night.
Im 15 i shouldn't be needing naps at 3pm and getting excessively tired from walking around Tesco, What can i do to help me sleep?
plus ive not had a nap the last few days and it doesn't help just makes me more tired.
6 countries have already banned meat/pork from the US and more may due so, even though it's not transmitted through food. Does this sound like an excuse to bar foreign products without provoking a tariff war to anyone else?

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been selected by CSL Biotherapies of Australia as the lead site to conduct tests for a vaccine against the new H1N1 influenza. The trial will...

from which source did swine flu entered in india..?
I just read in a news article that 1800 people have died from the swine flu worldwide.
But how many people die worldwide from the regular flu.
So why isn't the regular flu considered a pandemic? Doesn't make sense why they would scare everyone everyday about this swine flu when it's only killed 1800 people.

Zomg the Swine Flu, OH NOES! This video is my honest thoughts on the over hype of a disease that has been around for years and kills LESS people than the normal flu. Is the Swine Flu media promot...

AH! Swine Flu or now H1N1 influenza A! Its all a big conspiracy :P
For those done know what the swine flu is its:
refers to influenza caused by any strain of the influenza virus endemic in pigs (sw...

I've been watching this swine flu "pandemic" rather carefully and have questioned the alarm propagated by the media and what is really behind all the fear mongering. I encourage your thoughts on what the data really mean. I always thought that a pandemic meant that cases increased at an accelerating rate. These data would not appear to support a "pandemic". These numbers don't even come close to malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer, HIV, or even "normal" flu. Why all the hype?
The following data was gathered from the WHO (World Health Organization) website's situation updates
Date, # cases, %increase, # deaths, % increase
07/06,--94,512, ---5.1,---429,---12.3

Tuesday 7 November 2006, 9pm on BBC Two

A simple virus brewed in the belly of a dead bird is set to embark on a global killing spree. The likely culprit is H5N1 - a bird flu virus with the dangero...

More Ninja soon. :) In the meantime enjoy this.

nothin like some hype.
Sorry, my twitter is if you wanted to join the gozleme and masterchef talk HOWEVER turn off my @replies because I do a lot some days.
Hope you'...

This Friday is the third Friday in June. On the third Friday of every month in the stock and bond markets, option contracts expire. On the third Friday of every quarter, quarterly contracts and opt...

H1N1 Prevention Information for DuPage County Illinois

WIN THE PROPS!!!!!!!! (aka I don't want them) from this video!!! Get on and type this text in the what are you doing box:

@ijustine RT I want the #ijustineswineflu props from this vide...

I just read in a news article that 1800 people have died from the swine flu worldwide.
But how many people die worldwide from the regular flu.
So why isn't the regular flu considered a pandemic? Doesn't make sense why they would scare everyone everyday about this swine flu when it's only killed 1800 people.

iPhone users can stay one step ahead of the H1N1 virus with a new application.

University of Maryland students will notice more hand sanitizer dispensers and lots of free disinfectant wipes as they return to campus. It's a ramped up effort by the university to counter the thr...

And this is the reason for not being able to find our ancestors during this time frame ?
this guy in falkirk has it right, so he'll have already spread it to others, which have spread it onto others etc etc...soon it's gonna reach me =[
i'd die if i caught it..literally.
freakn oot !x

"H1N1 is going to be classified as a pandemic, but it does not have the lethality of the other pandemic in the past", Tommy Thompson says. (Asia Confidential) -
With BIG events such as the Con-Ass, the H1N1 Swine Flu in Manila, Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili and Dr. Vicki Belo's sex tape scandals, and being the biggest fans of Jon Stewar...

i ve a 6 yr old son and i m a bit worrid abt this swine flu coz he studies in a international school and children are more prone to get infected then adults so can anybody tell me about the medication available can it be given to a 6 yr old kid and i m lil confused about the symptms? please

A Bayesian phylogeographic reconstruction of the early H1N1 spread

should I ask my doctor for a flu shot? Will a normal flu shot help me not get the swine flu? Do most clinics have tamaflu? I saw on TV that tamaflu is the medication that prevents the flu.
One more question, what chance do I have of actually getting the flu from a flu shot? And could tama flu give me swine flu?

Cheeky heads down to a farm and finds out what's REALLY going on!
Warning: Contains talking animals (Spoof/Parody) :P

Update: Swine Flu cases in UK hits 55 (11th May 2009)

CheekTV Blog/Twitter:

with the pandemic will the 2009 nfl season be canceled and college football?

This is a clip from the April 30th, 2009, H1N1 flu Webcast hosted by HHS Secretary Sebelius and DHS Secretary Napolitano. They were joined by Acting Director of CDC, Dr. Besser. Full Webcast at htt...…
i really don't believe in that b.s but my friend kept on saying some pretty reasonable stuff. i just don't want to believe it, i have so many plans for the future, i don't want to die when i am barley 14, what do you ppl think?

As speculation grows about Swine Flu, scientists stand up to add to the debate ...

Swine Flu Is Man Made!
Spanish, Asiatic and Hong Kong flus. Each killed over a million.

Dr. Mark Mulligan of the Emory Vaccine Center gives an overview of the H1N1 flu / seasonal flu clinical trials starting up at Emory University. Trials will include children, adults and seniors.


A new swine flu strain that has killed and sickened people across Mexico has "pandemic potential," the World Health Organization chief said and it may be too late to contain the sudden outbreak. (A...


David Icke Talks About The H1N1/Swine Flu Vaccine. July 12th 2009 Filmed For B3TA By Kirk Rutter. For More Information Plz Visit http://birdflu666.wordpress... And h... WORLDNETDAILY SWINE FLU IMPLANT JOINT WHITE PAPER ANTIVIRAL LIMITING RATIONED CARE

Also , please see

2 types of human flu spliced with 1 form of avian flu ,..and different forms of "swine flu.".

YOU DECIDE.........
Investigative journalist f...

Two ways we could have prevented this was to:

1- Secure the Borders!


2- Vacation in THIS Country!!

Arras argues that we must consider issues of justice in vaccine distribution because it will need to be decided who will live and who will die in terms of who is most valuable to society.
Utilitarians would say: ??

Mexico was struck worse than any other country that were affected by A H1N1 flu, but because of a strong national preparedness plan and the quick decision made by the mexican authorities after thi...

The number of confirmed cases of swine flu has topped over a hundred thousand, with the World Health Organization calling the pandemic 'unstoppable', and suggesting mass vaccination.

I know it had 9 million hits per hour, but more interested in the actual vouchers given out. Thanks

The authorities are going forward with some very bold, very disturbing assumptions:
1) The "H1N1 swine flu" (which actually has elements of H5N1 avian flu) IS going to be back this fall. How do th...

i know this question has been discussed before, but those explanations do not seem to answer it satisfyingly....

Government of Norway just announced mass vaccinations of the entire country of Norway as soon as the flushots arrive in november 2009. The Govt. committed themselves to buy 9,5million shots for its...

well it was lunch and everyone was going to their lessons at the end and people were covering their mouths
and were saying that o this girl has swineflu
and then in our lessons the teachers got a message saying that a girl has gone to hospital to check if she has swineflu!
do you really think she has swineflu? she may do cause we live in birmingham and it is a very very large school
none of my friends know who it is though
Three children haved DIED in the past week in Seattle of the flu, the media doesn't seem to be making a big deal out of it.

Video on the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, look at the bird, pig and man viruses versions at :

I woke up this morning and my throat is sore..... very very very sore! like theres a barb wire down there, i find it hard to swallow.
Coughing alot, also coughing up flem.
Acheing joints.... infact my whole body is aching.
Feeling weak, tired, fatigue.
Heavy head.... a headache.
I have not got a fever/high temperature.
Is this Swineflu that i have?
It amazes me how often these words are used incorrectly, especially in the media. These words elicit fear because of what people think they mean and how they are used. The sensationalism of the news to get ratings. I would just like to see how many people actually know what they mean and perhaps educate a few others.

Special briefing by those with primary governmental responsibility in handling the current H1N1 flu situation in the US and Mexico.
• John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security ...

I am planning to travel to Munnar for a vacation on Aug-22 for 3 days along with family two kids (16 & 8 yrs). I would like to know if it is safe to travel during this swineflu threat everywhere. pl. suggest

On August 10, the University of Maryland School of Medicine began the human testing phase of the H1N1 vaccine testing. The principal researcher was interviewed.

The company Baxter responsible for ...

i love that song

Jones lays it all out before the infowarrior

Schools are bracing for what could be a nasty flu season -- and for principals and educators, that may mean making tricky decisions about when to close their doors.
Photo: Schools Open Facing Fears...