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i ve a 6 yr old son and i m a bit worrid abt this swine flu coz he studies in a international school and children are more prone to get infected then adults so can anybody tell me about the medication available can it be given to a 6 yr old kid and i m lil confused about the symptms? please


SHARU25 said...

Do not do self medication. consult your family doctor and get his advice.
where do you live . most cities in India now have more than 3 hospitals doing the H1N1 test. do not give tami flu before the results come positive.
read a reprot from british cmedical council saying Tamiflu has side effects on children below 12 yrs ..
more details -‘tamiflu-can-have-bad-side-effects-on-children’/
Treatment should be for normal flu, ( like crocin if the temp is below 102) and IBUGESIC PLUS if the temp goes above 102.)
If you are bengaluru /bangalore check the hospital details, directions and procedure at hospital @

shaan said...

please don't take any medicine without informing the doctor it may be a risk.... please follow the rules which are stated by the govt. its clearly mentioned in all the newspaperzzzzz

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