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infected again?I mean does anibodies develope in the body to fight swineflu ?


TTC said...

They will not get infected with that exact strain of swine flu. If the virus mutates (which, it will, that's what viruses do) then the person could get it again. It's the same concept as the common cold. You can catch several colds in a year because the virus mutates so fast and you only have antibodies for the specific virus you were infected with.

Bethany said...

I currently have a mild case of swine flu. The advice I have been given is that its best to get it now, as my body should build up a defence against it. So even if I am in contact with the virus again, I have a better chance of being immune to it because I have had it before. Of course, there are never any guarantees, so I cant say (as in your question) that I will have 'nil' chances of getting it again, but my immune system should hopefully be ready for it if I am at risk again.
I hope that helps

Farah said...

Rebel is right . This is a particular strain of the virus .The virus can mutate to a different one and the body might still be susceptible to the virus attack .

TheVishy said...

if u have had it. you should not get it again because your body would/should be immune to it

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