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should i go to the doctors incase i have swine flu? i have a sore throat, i feel dizzy and tired and a quite nauseous(may be from worry), also i have back ache at the top of my back and i keep having head aches for the past couple of weeks. i havent been in contact with anyone who has come back from mexico and i havent been myself. i dont know anyone with it but i am worried that i may have it?
thanks guys x


worried said...

If you really had it I doubt whether you would be typing on a computer.
Ring NHS Direct 0845 46 47 or ring your doctor's surgery for advice.
They might prefer you to stay at home.

izzy said...

It sounds to me like the symptoms of normal flu. If it gets to a stage where it feels worse then you should really call your GP and request a home visit (recommended by the government). As this will ensure that if you do have it then it'll prevent the spread.

Martin said...

They are suggesting that you don't go to the doctors, ask for a home visit. Incase you have got it, you don't want other ppl to catch it.
good luck.

missAati said...

Contact NHS Direct to start with.
See what it says on their site, and continue from there.

Deaks said...

Yes, DEFINETLY even if you are unsure you should still go and get a check-up.

Maha said...

Im gonna answer your question but address it to everyone on yahoo answers!
IF you have not been in contact with anyone thats been to mexico then you dont have swine flu! (at this moment in time though, I will address that swine flu is transferring between humans, so soon this part of the answer will be incorrect)
IF you think you have swine flu DONT go to the doctor! call your doctor up instead, please because if you do have swine flu, and walk into a doctors surgery you will infect people in their! and put people at risk if you use public transport and people dont go to surgerys because they are well!, they go because they are ill, please dont put them at risk when you can just as easily pick up the phone.
IF you are well enough to go to a doctors surgery then you probably dont have swine flu, or atleast are already recovering.
as the goverment have said hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Get yourself a flu friend, so if you do get swine flu they can go pick up your meds and any food items.
try to keep stock to last you up to two weeks for you and your family.
dont go out! unless your house is burning down or some other disaster do not leave your house, unless otherwise directed to by a health proffessional.
Theirs no excuse in the world to justifie someone with swine flu leaving their home unless like stated above their house is burning down.
Think off others, this swine flu will die down quickly if people follow the goverments advice and stop spreading it.

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