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im worried that i might have swine flu ive been to my doctor he said i have a bad influenza and i got put on codral cold and flu tablets and Nurofren for fever my symptoms are a high fever my highest has been 39.2 and it contually goes up and down i also have a bad cough this all started wensday morning and i have chills and my body was sore on wensday but not today im still eating drinking i have cold baths when my temperature is high and it seems to be stabilizing what should i do if i still have fevers high then stable in the next few days do i need to go to hospital?


phoenix said...

I believe the one that said a third of the population will get it. I reckon a lot of people are going to get it. but im not sure if you have the swine flu. I reckon theres a 60% chance you got it. but i might not be right. ask for second opinion

Vicki H said...

theres alot of paranoia at the moment, the Doc nows what he's on about, dont worry, if your really worried ask for a secound opion

bradskie said...

One third of the population will have had swine flu by the end of the year, so it's likely that is what you have. But if you don't have other diseases don't worry too much. It's gonna go away soon. You'll soon feel better.

Ross P said...

you MIGHT have, or you could just have the normal flu. Only one way to tell, the doctors!

Jabbra said...

Sounds like it...don't worry. It's just a virus and no more likely to kill you off than seasonal flu! Hope you get well soon. xxx

Andrea M said...

look when there's a major illness or concern, there's always a lot of people worried they have the symptoms
the simpsons put in in one episode with lisa's teacher going sick that "if an illness is in all the newspapers and magazine and everyone is taking about it, you';; imagine you have the symptoms"
in another episode of seinfeld, george thinks he's dying of something after seeing a documentary
the panic of sars was covered in an episode of scrubs about how people panic
and then also, people in an extremely low risk group of getting breast cancer had thought they had the symptoms of it after kylie minogue had got it
there's alot of panic about things when it's in the media alot. don't worry.
your doctor knows what he's talking about. he's probably been well versed on swine flu

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