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Rhianna Returns said...

I think that the UK, just like everywhere else in the world, just needs to make sure to take normal flu precautions. The World Health Organization is treating this as something that is not much more than a flu that extends our regular 'flu season' now. Avoiding the flu (of any kind) is really a personal responsibility issue.
So I guess the answer is no. The UK as an entity can't really do much, the people of the UK just need to wash their hands properly, don't stick their fingers in their mouth, nose, or eyes, and watch what they touch.

Nick B said...

i wish everyone would calm down about the whole swine flu thing, it's symptoms and effects are less major than NORMAL flu! It is only dangerous to the very young and very old, and those with underlying illnesses. There is too much hype and hysteria about it, and it's causing strain on the health services by hypochondriacs!

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