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i know this question has been discussed before, but those explanations do not seem to answer it satisfyingly....


garfield said...

The difference is indicated by the prefixes. "epi" means "outside." "Pan" means "universal." "Pan" is a bit of an overstatement (as it usually is - e.g. panorama takes in a lot but by no means everything), however, a pandemic it is far more more widespread than an epidemic.
Edit - Your detail poses a more difficult question than the first. The Spanish Flu, which killed thousands in Europe and America after WW1 was certainly a pandemic. Bird Flu has also been found in many places, but not in anything like the severity of Spanish Flu. What counts most? Diversity or intensity? I don't know.

picador said...

A pandemic can be bigger than an epidemic. And epidemic can be just local area. A apndemic is usually across countrys borders.

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