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should I ask my doctor for a flu shot? Will a normal flu shot help me not get the swine flu? Do most clinics have tamaflu? I saw on TV that tamaflu is the medication that prevents the flu.
One more question, what chance do I have of actually getting the flu from a flu shot? And could tama flu give me swine flu?


Cynical_ said...

if your Resistance is down the tami- flu injection may give you cold like
symptoms ,8 out of 10 elderly people have no ill effects ,the other 2 do ,they can get full blown flu , and for the rest of the time they are o.k. ,the swine flu is a whole new ball game,evidently it is a combination of the bird flue that caused devastation through asia ,and this virus that has come from the pigs ,an article in the medical journal for june , suggested that Dr`s start stock piling the tami-flu for next year because they fear it will be a lot worse , after the pope visited different countries ,a flu developed and it was called the pilgrim flu ,these bugs seem to manifest themselves ,and travel with people through out the world ,infecting as they go ,as quick as the medical people identify which strain is to be treated ,and act accordingly ,a new one crops up , we will get through this one,but it may take awhile ,and another will crop up and the merry go round starts again ,having said all that would i get the tami-flu injection ? my oath i would , prevention is better than cure ,and No you will not get the swine flu through a tami-flu injection

Lois said...

It's not the fastest spreading flu pandemic in history. Spanish flu, after the First world war, is the fastest spreading and killed a lot more people.
The flu shot will have yet to be made for this year - they don't make it until normal seasonal flu starts going around - then it is made to combat that. And that flu shot will not stop you getting swine flu - as that is a different strain of the flu.
Now the flu jab, in some instances, can give you the flu, but it will be much milder then you'd get flu without having the injection - and if you've never had flu, I'd not bother with the injection. I went years and years without getting flu, and without getting the injection. The first time I had the injection - I ended up getting a mild dose of flu (long live sod's law). This is a rare occurance though, and my mum and sister have the flu shot year after year (my sister's a nurse and my mum used to get flu on a yearly basis) and they're both fine with it. So yes, you can get the Flu from the flu shot - but its rare, and its a milder version of it.
Tami flu cannot give you Swine Flu. Tami flu are antibiotics being used to treat Swine Flu. It does not prevent it and doctors will only prescribe it if they have diagnosed you with Swine Flu. You cannot buy it without a prescription and you cannot be prescribed it without actually having Swine Flu.

William M said...

first off it isnt the bird flu from asia. it is a different strain of bird flu. its a human virus and pig virus. no immunity for it only people who have underlying problems are dieing

Kellen said...

1) no because it will not protect you against swine flu.
2) No it will not
3) Yes
4) very unlikely
5) no

ghost said...

According to the latest info from the CDC drug companies are hard at work getting the vaccine ready for the October flu season. But will it be effective?
As quoted in a Fox News report this week Dr. Anne Schuchat, director for National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC. says. "In a typical year, the seasonal flu vaccine is about 70 to 90 percent effective, depending on how closely the vaccine matches the strains circulating and on the population the vaccine is used in. In other words, a vaccine is not going to be as effective in a person with a compromised immune system or someone who is considered at high risk for the virus. Because swine flu is new and mutating scientists have their work cut out for them when it comes to determining what strains of the H1N1 swine flu virus to include in the vaccine. We will be looking back at how well it worked, unfortunately, that’s something we’re not able to do until after the fact.”
Our best defense is to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible. Eating properly, getting plenty of rest, and possibly taking a good immune building supplement will all help us fight off any disease.

Craig C said...

Yes, actually, you are right. The Director-General of the World Health Organization said a few days ago that this is the fastest spreading pandemic, due to increased travel. Swine flu spread throughout the world in 6 weeks, while it took the others 6 months.
"'It will probably come back [in two or three waves].'
How does she expect it to compare to other pandemics? "In terms of the number of countries affected and the number of people infected, this has got to be the biggest.'
Bigger than 1918? 'If you're talking about mortality then it's different. 1918 is the biggest in terms of mortality. I would not like to make any predictions . . . I hope we don't see the 1918 picture. But we should expect to see more people infected, and more severe cases coming up, including deaths.'
Swine flu is probably already much bigger than anyone knows. Ten days ago, only six countries in Africa had reported cases, but as Chan readily admits, this is rather misleading: until the WHO started sending out lab kits in early May, many developing countries had no means of testing for it. Furthermore, modelling suggests that swine flu has an attack rate of 30% — once it enters a country, the likelihood is 30% of citizens will catch it at some point."
No, a normal flu shot will only keep you from getting the normal flu. That's why companies are trying to make a swine flu vaccine. Tamiflu doesn't prevent it, it just eases the symptoms. And where did you get the idea that you could get the flu from a flu shot? Flu shots give your body a taste of it, so your body can start producing antibodies for it. No, Tamiflu can not give you swine flu, or any other flu.

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