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Don't people die every single year from the flu? Don't people get the flu all the time? Why is this such a big deal? Is it because it is everywhere now? Or is it that here in the USA, no one got a swine flu shot. Yes I see it as bad, but not any worse then any other year of the flu. Maybe I'm missing something, but sometimes I think the media just likes to sensationalize things and this is an opportunity to shake things up and have the world worried and afraid. What are your thoughts on this swine flu?
Can I get one in a nice color?
I am worried. There are already signs in France and New Zealand, and America too. Are you?
Not to sound paranoid, but there are a few odd things about this virus that are emerging. The most alarming is that it appears to have genetic material from avian flu, human flu, and swine flu. Since flu viruses do not exchange genetic material during their reproductive cycle, how could this be a natural phenomenon?
yh. sumthing else to blame instead of themselves.
A pandemic is a global disease outbreak, a flu pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity too and their is no vaccine for it Yet! Spreads hard and fast among people on the planet There is concern for the H5N1 (bird Flu) this can be a huge threat to humans as well as other animals as well as the birds here on earth.This is very virulent, and spread by many birds that migrate. this could one day be spread from human to humans if it continues to evolve.This is caused by a virus among birds with different subtypes just like the human flu changes every year same goes for the bird flu changes Each combo represents a different subtype.
Flu is a viral infection people over use the flu for many reasons but its only for A B type viruses but this also changes each year so its best to get the flu shot shot and hope this works to stop all the symptoms.This can also lead to ear infections, sinus infections, or bronchitis, and in rare cases some pneumonia.
I am really freaked out that it's going to come to Washington. Someone threw up the other day, and everyone is coughing like nuts, it's really freaking me out, I don't like going to school because this guy keeps coughing on me on purpose and I am really scared as helllll from catching the swine flu.
What are the symptons that let you know if you have it?
OK so is this whole "swine flu pandemic" going to tunr into some i am legend crap? because its all over the news,internet,youtube...etc is it really that serious to be worried so much about it i just think it is the plain old flu because it has the same symptoms wats the difference? oh and i heard it came from chinese people that live in mexico because of ther pigs or something like that? is it true?
Yes badly. And according to the Wall Street Journal there is likely more pain on the way.
The full article is below but here are a few main points:
"Foreign visitors may generate $4 billion less in revenue this year than the $13 billion last year, says Tourism Minister Rodolfo Elizondo. The travel industry...employs 2 million."
"Hotels in the resort town of CancĂșn are running at 29% occupancy during May compared to the usual average 74%"
"Mexico isn't going to be a basket case like Argentina or Venezuela, but it's not going to rebound from this crisis like Brazil, China or India either. That could mean years of sub-par growth,"
ok so my school called saying that 1 person has the SWINE flu... should i stay home, or go? they said school is still opened but i realy dont wanna take my chances on getting the swine flu... what do i do?!?!?!?!
Epidemic: An outbreak of disease that attacks many peoples at about the same time and may spread through one or several communities.
Pandemic: When an epidemic spreads throughout the world
Endemic: a disease that exists permanently in a particular region or population. Malaria is a constant worry in parts of Africa.
Please explain thoroughly.
I have been learning off of the news that more and more cases of the swine flu have been caught in Canada all the way from Mexico. How do you know that you have it? Is it deadly? How can it be spread?
|Will give 10 points to best answer!|
Your temperature checked even before you reach the Immigration counter, where you will be asked which part of the US you are from and whether ou have been to known infected areas in the past two weeks, and be advised what to do (for your own good) if you have a temperature .(Malaysia's doctors are just as good, if not better, than their Western counterprts, since they are mostly trained in institutions attended by Western doctors....)
It was once said that a black man would be president "when pigs fly". Indeed 100 days into Obama's presidency....swine flu!
i know what the swine flu is and its symptoms. all i would like to know is how does it manage to kill a human? i have did alot of research to find out all the symptoms, how to treat, what works in treatment etc.
i heard about the swine flu and im worried, can someone give me information, or maybe relieve me a little by telling me about this
A pandemic is global and is infectous, epidemic is based more in a certain population (i.e. Bubonic plague was pandemic, while Depression is an epidemic)
According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic can start when three conditions have been met:
* the emergence of a disease new to the population
* the agent infects humans, causing serious illness
* the agent spreads easily and sustainably among humans
A disease or condition is not a pandemic merely because it is widespread or kills a large number of people; it must also be infectious. For example cancer is responsible for a large number of deaths but is not considered a pandemic because the disease is not infectious.
I hope im not getting it!
I am tired, coughing (that is it so far)
I just woke up with it today. What r symptoms of swine flu?
I've read the dictionary but it still isn't clear to me. The dictionary just confused me more!
I have two root cellars in separate rooms with concrete walls off to the sides of my main cellar. I was thinking about preparing one of them in case of an emergency situation like a pandemic or other catastrophic event where my infant daughter and I would be stuck inside my basement for some time. Neither root cellar has any windows, just concrete walls and one currently has boards covering the dirt floor. I would very much appreciate the help and advice. Thanks!
Oh, and I live in CT, if that helps.
im doing a summary on swine flu
but i need to know
- what is swine flue
- and how swine flue spread's.
swine flu! swine flu swine flu swine flu. SWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I live in maryland and we have 15 cases of it waiting for there Confirmation for about 1 week and a half now. Why aren't they saying we have it or we don't.
I know the swine flu gives the symptoms of sneezing, coughing and fever that a normal flu gives you. But I want to know what symptoms does the swine flu gives you besides those symptoms. Like a symptom that would let you know you have the swine flu.
I'm worried I might have it cause I I've had a runny nose and been coughing a lot for about a week. Also I just heard the swine flu came around close to where I live too. :(
How concerned are you about swine flu?
Are you worried that it will spread and turn into a pandemic?
Could this be nature trying to cure over population?
My friend thinks she has it and she said the symptoms were fever..headache..chills...body aches..and fatigue, I looked on wikipedia and those weren't the symptoms, so could you help me prove t her she doesn't have it?
Please provide what you can. If this is true, it's time for some secret meetings and off-grid communication. ...Links appreciated.
Is it safe to travel to Belgium and France during the Swine Flu?
is it? has the swine flu spread to brussels or paris?
i am going on a school trip to there on the 14th of april? do you think its safe or not?
Because swine flu is one of the top stories on every news media resource, many people who have normal flus or even colds, are going to the doctor's office or buying lots of medicines and drugs. What if it is a corporate and government sponsored media sensationalized rumor to try and help the boost the global economy?
How come everyone is freaking out about swine flu? I know its killed some people in Mexico but barely anyone in the US has gotten it and no one here has died. Why are people dying from it in Mexico but not in the US?
Also, what makes the swine flu a pandemic when there are plenty of other diseases that are spread throughout the world?
I live in Vancouver, BC, and I am going to Taiwan on June 26th, and coming back to Vancouver around August 20th. I am worried about the Swine flu, even though Taiwan hasn't have any people infected. I know this sounds stupid for some people, but I take this very seriously, because I don't want to get the Swine flu...
What are some ways I can prevent from not getting the Swine flu while on the plane? Is it safe to fly during the summer?
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Seriously Madagascar... Someone just sneezed in Western Europe. You should shut down your sea ports.
How the hell does this new swine flu have pig, bird, and human viruses combined? I like conspiracy theories, they are fun, so I'm gonna say I think the new Swine Flu was created somewhere in a lab. Either that or its the Apocalypse. Calm down people this is all just for fun. But I do really wonder how it got all three viruses. does anyone know?
Yes it did not sure how much but it was noticeable. The clubs lost alot of revenue from when the stadiums were closed..and even when they could only have half full stadiums..alot of the revenue the teams make rely on ticket sales. Not only ticket sales..but concession one to buy from the concession stands..all this adds up, and im pretty sure the owners felt it in their pockets.
Sadly,people die from the flu every day--but we are only hearing about the swine flu.
Single stranded RNA.
Please give answers to both epidemic and pandemic. I need at least 10 people to respond to this. All I need is 2 or 3 answers for both epidemic and pandemic.
Ok, my friend hes a foregin exchange student. They are saying people are not alloud to cross the border. He lives in Kolen, Germany. Hes supposed to fly back on June 2nd? Will he not be able to go back then?
They are saying people cant cross the border because of swine Flu.
And there are people in his city in Germany with Swine Flu!!!! Btw we are in The USA.
So the Swine flu has reached phase 5. How high did the bird flu go?
there's no vaccine to either. people die from both. not everyone who has gotten swine flu has died. most people who have died from the disease lived in impoverished areas, were very young or very old and their bodies weren't strong enough to fight off the disease, didn't have enough money to take care of themselves properly, or had poor hygiene. Is there really much of a difference between the swine flu and the regular flu? Are people worrying too much over the swine flu?
I hate to burst your bubble about Tamiflu, but it isn't all its cracked up to be. They've been using it to treat Avian flu around the world & they've found out that strains of the virus are developing an immunity to it.
You can read about it here:
There is a reason why they're calling this an international emergency. Unless they come to grips with this problem soon, we're in for a rocky ride.
I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering or even asking this on Yahoo, but how much worse/different is the Swine Flu from the annual flu that sweeps through, you know?
I work at pork slaughter house and i work on the kill floor soon after there dead and since pigs are a main carrier for this virus am i at greater risk for this. Also there have been samples of the suspected virus sent out from our county and our schools are being closed next week
Doesn't this possibly put us more in harm's way? And certainly potentially exposing the reporters themselves?
Obama brings us home a pandemic of Swine Flu from his buddies in Mexico, and Janet "Reno" Napolitano saying since its here all ready, why close the border, are these two so far out of touch with reality, that our great country will most definitely suffer with their lack of judgment?
What does each level mean?
Can you give me a link if possible?
Also please list the symptom that are physical and I hear you get depression too. Is that true? How many people have died from the flu? And how deadly is it?
The Killer Pork disease is coming closer and closer to Singapore what to do when it comes?
The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than World War I at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as "Spanish Flu" or "La Grippe" the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.
As you plan, it is important to think about the challenges that you might face, particularly if a pandemic is severe. What social disruptions will occur? Will you continue to work or face a reduction or loss of income? What will happen to our children in school? How will you individually or as a family survive food/water wise if public transportation systems go down?
What are some of the possible ways to address these challenges and situations?
what is the diference i ahve heard words used to describe spreading of diseases but what is the difference between them?
it's at ricoh collesium and i'm just wondering how the swine is doing here
and what would the cause of it be?
US college students over spring break in Mexico? All this blame on the illegal immigrants, and uproar to close the borders. How do we know that this swine flu wasn't brought over by somebody's slutty daughter over spring break in Cancun?
I am travelling from Florida to Illinois, and I was wondering whether I should continue my plans made to go. I am going to a wedding, and I'd like to be there. I would appreciate your advice!
I've heard of schools closing and a lot of other things. What is officially going to happen if they declare it?
As many as 149 deaths have occured from this recent 2009 swine flu outbreak in Mexico. Only Mexico has faced deaths from this recent outbreak.All other global cases are mild and non-fatal although still cautionary. Different strains of the virus? Poor health and unsanitary conditions in Mexico?
the cd drive opens and closes several times, like a human sneeze.
the processor overheats, just like a human fever.
the computer fan stops and starts causing inadequate ventilation, just like Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath in humans.
several pop up windows appear in succession - either you just visited a porn site or it's just like Confusion in humans.
NAH, i'm just messing with you. computers don't get this virus, humans do. So stay away from that pig farm in Mexico, anyone that appears sick and wash your hands.
Best Regards
How could humans become extinct due to Famine? I want to know for a Famine porject.
i've been looking for a while and cant find it, if you can help me find the number of people who died in ohio from the flu or even in the US it would be a great help to me, thanks!
MUST READ - Whenever any epidemic takes place in India- America and Europe at ones restricts the flights coming from or going to India. Several tests are also done on visitors. These tests somewhere humiliates India. Therefore you must think of it.
I was just wondering how is the swine flu different from a regular flu. Its a type of flu so how is it deadly.
I hear a rumor that there is a possibility Bush actually did something right? Obama said that the stockpiles of Tamiflu were the result of Democrats a few Republicans and the Bush Admin getting together in 2005 and passing Avian Flu preparedness measures. Now it is only a rumor, could it be true and Bush did something right? If so I guess we have to give credit where credit is due. Nowadays the Republicans are only good for NO.
When do you think it will take place? Do you hope you survive to see what the world will be like after it happens?
US college students over spring break in Mexico? All this blame on the illegal immigrants, and uproar to close the borders. How do we know that this swine flu wasn't brought over by somebody's slutty daughter over spring break in Cancun?
I have all the symptoms besides fever, but I never get a fever, my temp is always below normal. I'm just afraid I will get more people sick if I go to the hospital because theres alot of people there who don't have it yet. My symptoms are livable, but thats probably because of all this vitamin C and anti viral i've been taking. and I don't go to school or work. My mom has it too, but so far my dad and sister and brother are fine.
incredible, it is as if they think nothing is wrong with mass hysteria which btw has been caused by who, cdc, dhs and the media.
Here in the USA, even though we now have had over 100 cases of this flu, no one has died. I also heard that the government has well prepared us for any pandemic. It certainly seems to be true. So, who do we give the credit to for being prepared?
Hear this.
1.Every year MILLIONS of people die from Malaria or Dengue fever. Be more afraid of mosquitoes than people sneezing!
2. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from (conventional) influenza.
3. Apart from Mexico, most of the people who have died after contracting H1N1 were already suffering from serious respiratory problems. People who have been in general good health have recovered fully in a few days.
4. Do NOT bother wearing a mask everywhere. Medical opinion is that this is an ineffective precaution.
There are millions of ways to die. Right now H1N1 appears to be an unlikely agent of your demise
Yes i've looked up the definitions of each but honestly they seem to mean the same thing. Can someone break it down for me?
it seems CNN isn't disclosing the probable case count anymore, only the confirmed ones. can anyone link this to me or just tell me the most recent figure? thanks.
An epidemic is a disease that affects many people at the same time, such as the flu. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's official definition of epidemic is: 'The occurrence of more cases of disease than expected in a given area or among a specific group of people over a particular period of time'. A pandemic is a very extensive epidemic, like a plague, that is prevalent in a country, continent, or the world. There is also the word endemic, which is a disease native to a people or region, which is regularly or constantly found among a people or specific region. The term outbreak describes the sudden rise in the incidence of a disease, especially a harmful one. An outbreak is characterized by a disease's bypassing of measures to control it. Often, the difference between these terms is determined by the percentage of deaths caused by the disease
It has been said on the news over the last day when talking about pandemics, that they last 4 months. Does anyone know why this is. I would have thought that they last as long as they last, and could not be defined in time.
Recently, Republicans have been loving to play the blame game (although, without offering any solutions of their own), so how soon do you think it will be before they start blaming Obama for the swine flu?
Do you think Rush is working on an Obama/ACORN swine flu connection as we speak?
Is it likely that the swine flu will become a pandemic?
As title thanks.
Can somebody help to explain the different between them and the easy way to remember? And with regards to the recent swine flu, what does the H1 and N1 refer to? is it enzyme produce by the virus to attack/attach to our cell surface?
Thank you very much.
My friend is going to Michigan on a plane and she's afraid she'll get the swine flu. Not only is she scared about being in the state, but being on the plane as well. What are the chances of her getting the Swine flu? Is there anything I can tell her to make her feel better or is she right to be worried?
What does a influenza virus have to do with the decline in the financial markets? Thanks in advance for your answers.
No opinions, facts with documentation from a place like the CDC. Or that it was brought to the US by legal immigrants from anywhere.
Also documentation that the original swine flu was brought here by ANY immigrants.
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
How does the virus spread?
I see that the WHO has moved to level 5 with the swine flu. They say that level 6 is immenent. What does that mean? What should ordinary people expect and prepare for?
i'm going to an amusement park tomorrow and i would like to know how i can keep my self safe from the swine flu?
and does vitamin C help?
I know swine flu is insulting some people, but why?
Other informations can keep me from being bored.
Thank you in advance!
Karl Rove, from his perch at the Wall Street Journal, criticized the inclusion of "$462 million for the Centers for Disease Control, and $900 million for pandemic flu preparations," on the grounds that "health care also added jobs" in the previous year. Such expenditures were, to Rove, "disturbing" and an example of President Obama's "lack of engagement and leadership."
like i mean with out a mask and gloves cuz people will make fun of me if i do.Any other ways?
Won't the whole book of Revelation seem a bit redundant and unnecessary?
I will always refer to it as the "Swine Flu". Renaming it is ridiculous! I think it would have better to just explain that it has nothing to do with pork and explain why it was labeled the "Swine Flu" in the first place.
How are people recovering from the swine flu if theres no cure?
I worry about H1N1 influenza....but I have to go florida...Pls give me suggestion.
Please, any info is appreciated. I know some sites don't post ALL the outbreaks or they only post the ones that the CDC confirms.
They've made it out to almost be a pandemic, or steps away from it. It just became big all of a sudden and is centrally located in Mexico, it hasn't been in the United States for that long either, just recently.
Also, what would you advice to me if I contracted the virus?
Would my chances of survival be good if I went to the hospital and got proper treatment quickly?
Thank you :]
Business will have to be closed and people will have to stay at home. And if people start to die out well you get the picture. I guess we have to wait and see what will go on in the next couple of weeks. But on the bright side they say that tamiflu is effective.
Do you think less people are boinking, because they fear catching swine flu from their lovers, or do you suppose more people are boinking indiscriminately because they fear they will die any day?
What I am looking for is a 2 page (4 pages if you count front and back) information packet about the bird flu pandemic. It is colorful and may be designed for elementary students. If anyone has it, could you copy it and email it to me? I had one and I lost it and I NEED it.
I know someone who thinks the new swine flu virus was released by the government as a way to control the population. What this person means is that there are too many people and the government wants to get rid of a lot of us. I don't believe it. What do you think of this? Is it totally ridiculous?
I'm aware that there has been a major overreaction to the swine flu, but will schools be closing due to the pandemic status?
Not just Swine Flu - but anything on a similar level.
What does the media propose to benefit from doing so?
How could you increase your, and your family's, chances of surviving. Would you head for the mountains, lock yourself in your house with a mountain of tin cans of food, what?
Bill Maher made a good case on his show tonight. How can you explain Swine Flu unless your contention is that God or Jesus want to screw with Mexico and most of the world?
I suspect that some will say it's been foretold to be the end of days, except that this has been going on for a long time. There is a long history of these viruses doing stuff like this, even when it was not end of days.
So what gives?
to an easily transmittable human-to-human virus ? You do know if that happens that half the world population will die right ?
Can Victorias Secret and other manufactures be affected from the swine flu outbreak. I ordered clothes from them and now im worried they may pass along swine flu diseases. I dont live in the U.S but Victorias Secret is manufactured there. What do you think?
How did this all even start in the first place?
I was wondering how long can the swine flu last in healthy adults around 20 before the symptoms subside? Once you get the swine flue is it true that you will be immune to this strain? Also currently I have a minor cough and minor aches but not unbearable needing a doctor. Do you think I have the swine flu in a moderate form? I have heard that drinking wine in moderation can prevent if not lessen symptoms of the flu.
Thanks for your help.
Create the New World order?If the virus causes the World Economy to collapse ,well ,then the restructuring would be created by the Criminals that met 3 weeks ago at the World summit.Hmmm,veerrry interresting!
I am so freaked about this new swine flu making its way around. I just read that a 23 month old Texan child just died today. I have a 25 month old child and one on the way! I am so so entirely scared. They wont be able to make a vaccine for several months and I am worried by then that it will of spread like wildfire and we wont be able to leave the house! What do you all think of this epidemic!?
(You can interpret this any way you like ,I doubt very much that they will give them physicals,before swearing them in.)
Canada, New Zealand, and United States are now claiming that college kids who celebrated spring break 2009 in Mexico have brought swine flu into these countries. Is this true?
been kinda scared because my throat been hurting I've been getting the chills, but i probably dont have it.. but just to be sure
I'm doin a project and these are some questions i cant figure out. The projects due on Feb. 11, 2008. And yall dont mind another thing it says for me to do is list 90 different items to helps prepare for one.
I have secular beliefs, however, I wonder if this virus, coming from pigs, would be considered unclean by either of these faiths.
If a Muslim or Jew were to die from this virus, would they still go to heaven?
What I am looking for is a 2 page (4 pages if you count front and back) information packet about the bird flu pandemic. It is colorful and may be designed for elementary students. If anyone has it, could you copy it and email it to me? I had one and I lost it and I NEED it.
The problem of HIV/AIDS of the poorest countries of the world, most essentially Africa, being the region that has the largest population infested, has continued to attract attention of development agencies that fear that the pandemic may continue to worsen poverty level and economic decline in which Africa is entrapped.
Giving these predicaments, who must be alive to their duties to put a check on the "immoral" conduct that has plagued our society.
I was just wondering how likely a human is to die from swine flu if they contract it.
Will people who have stored up food and other supplies to see them through the "waves" of the pandemic, become a target and victimized by those who did not prepare for this crisis? What are some tips to survive the human predator when the pandemic is underway?
I don't think the swine flu will turn out to be the global disaster that some people are fearing, but I've found myself thinking about "12 Monkeys" a lot over the last couple of days.
What are some of your favorite epidemic/pandemic themed movies?
Maine Senator Susan Collins still is bragging on her website how she led the fight to strip pandemic awareness and preparation out of the
stimulous measure. And she is supposed to be the moderate one.
a bird that had bird flu most likely crapped into some pig food on a farm, and a pig with swine flu ate the food with the virus in it and a mutation occured and a person with human flu was handling the pig with the mutated flu virus, he/she caught the virus from the pig and it mutated again into this crazy flu. its mainly human flu but has traces of bird and swine flu in it.
I'm doing my college assignment and I beg you to include your reference, site ect.
I thought it's only spread by contact.
Are the common people in the Philippines currently talking about the swine flu pandemic?
And what steps are you seeing that the Philippine government & the residents are doing about this?
I am clueless on how to make money from this.
9-11 was easy. I made a lot of money. I sold thousands of flags. I shorted all the airline stocks on 9-17-01, and i ordered 100's of newspapers from the nytimes which i am still selling on ebay.
But I dont know what to do about this swine flu, tips?
I'm 13 and a female. Last wednesday, I started to have cold, feverish symptoms which lasted painfully until Sunday. On Monday, I felt some much better, but I still had the constant runny nose and coughing. Today, I felt a little better. Was it just a cold or should I continue to be worried?
I'm somewhat concerned about the possible spred of swine flu in the U.S. Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to say that the country needs to proclaim this a pandemic?
All this panic is pathetic!
Why is everyone getting all paranoid and worried over nothing?
You are more likely to die of regular flu, the government is trying to make things seem far worse then what they actually are as they have nothing else (other then the recession) to talk about, it's all just the media overly exaggerating... remember bird flu?
And I'm sick of people who "think" they have it. Honestly people get a grip, the world is not ending only seek real help if you actually need it. I have seen so many questions today on people who claim they have contracted the disease.
Okay, I know numerous questions are being asked about the swine flu, but hey I'm scared, alright? It's finally reached Philadelphia and I live in South Jersey. The flu is airbourne so there is a chance. |:
How could I protect myself from getting it? Is there nothing since it's airbourne, or can there be a way? I just don't want to catch it. Also, what are the symptons and what happens when infected?
Pedro's won't be affected by H1N1 actually Alcohol will disinfected inside out for good..
Maybe it's some form of 'mass-control' drug which the government wants to distribute as widely as possible.
I think more people probably died yesterday from slipping on banana skins, so is there a worldwide 'banana skin slippage pandemic' ?
The world is overcrowded and is not going to survive at this population level.
Do you think the world governments have manufactured Swine Flu as a way to reduce the population?
If not,
Why have they been planning for the swine flu for so long?
Why was there an advertisement for sneezing and catching snot in tissues on UK tv just before the swine flu outbreak?
Why has the media gone so mad about the swine flu "pandemic"? Surely it just creates unnecessary panic.
Am I completely off track?
1) wearing a facial mask
2) without a facial mask
(You have to do your own Internet research for the latest Mexico swine flu infection statistics.)
can it?
Maybe it's some form of 'mass-control' drug which the government wants to distribute as widely as possible.
I think more people probably died yesterday from slipping on banana skins, so is there a worldwide 'banana skin slippage pandemic' ?
just a question.
Republican Maine Senator Susan Collins fumed about the pandemic funding, "Does it belong in this bill? Should we have $870 million in this bill No, we should not."
I know its all over the news, but i would like to know what are the symptoms for the swine flu. How do I know when a family member or even myself is infekted with it? Is there any way I can prevent it? ANy other useful information relating the topic is welcomed. Oh yeah and my brother says hi. Thank you.
Basically, on the TV show Heroes, there is this virus that COULD wipe out 93% of the world's population.
So I was wondering, are there any novels out there with a similar premise? About a deadly pandemic that has wiped out or will wipe out most of humanity, and how we react?
Be specific and address the immune response
Also, what mesures would you take to avoid contracting this disease, and if there IS a pandemic, how long would it take to get to the UK and Ireland?
Who else thinks that people are being too paranoid about the swine flu? We just found out that all the people in NZ with confirmed "Swineflu" actually only had a strain of influenza. On the news we saw pictures and video's of the people who got the "swine flu" and they all seemed fine - hardly sick.
The swine flu broke up just before his travel to Mexico. The president met with a museum director in Mexico City who died a week later of pneumonia. The other thing is why relatives of those who died from from the swine flue did not catch the swine flue too? Even though they did not ware the masks. They were sleeping in the same bed and ate from the same plate with the victims and are still alive.
I get free church literature and I have this book called 14 signs announcing Christ's return and I read the whole book and one of the signs listed in the book were disease epidemics and do you believe these new viruses(Swine Flu & hini virus) are signs that Jesus Christ is coming soon?
And am I correct in saying that the last officially declared pandemic was back in the 1800s?? This swine flu sure is scary.. especially with kids..!
The CDC says that Swine Flu in the USA is mild. Is the agency lying? If people are dying from Swine Flu like they did from Bird Flu in 1918 then would the USA government caution its citizens? What will a horrible pandemic do to the recession?
The two yahoo's were found on the yahoo homepage. My dad told me about it last night. And it was on the morning announcements at school today!
What if this turns into a major outbreak like the black plague or spanish influenza which is known to be a descendant of the swine flu!!!!
My 2 year old has allergy induced asthma and breathing issues. Whenever she gets any kind of cold or flu it's 3 times worse than it would be for another child. Within a day we have to start throwing every breathing treatment we can at her just to fight back. Worst case, if my child were ever to get the swine flu, would she be in serious trouble? Would she more likely become a serious case?
I get free church literature and I have this book called 14 signs announcing Christ's return and I read the whole book and one of the signs listed in the book were disease epidemics and do you believe these new viruses(Swine Flu & hini virus) are signs that Jesus Christ is coming soon?
........of the Swine Flu in the US?
a) Is it the irresponsible reporters?
b) Have the anti-immigration activist already ran with this rhetoric?
c)All the above?
Swine Influenza (Flu)
From December 2005 through February 2009, a total of 12 human infections with swine influenza were reported from 10 states in the United States. Since March 2009, a number of confirmed human cases of a new strain of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection in California, Texas, and Mexico have been identified. An investigation into these cases is ongoing. For more information see Human Swine Flu Investigation.
I'm currently in El Salvador a central american country south of Mexico and would like to take precautions against the swine flu but oseltamivir or tamiflu is out of my budget. Is there anything else I can take?
Apparently at 8:00 mountain time WHO will make an announcement that they are raising the pandemic to level 5. What actions will be made in Canada and U.S
Also, the number of infections keeps rising (So far 64 not counting the two new states Indiana and Florida), and our government continues to REFUSE to shut down US-Mexico borders, air travel, and trade. Also, Americans in infected areas continue to run around WITHOUT wearing surgical masks. We can feel assured that taking these simple steps can protect ourselves with no panic and fear. What is wrong with these idiots?
Who dies from Swine Flu? Is it just the old and frail or can it also kill healthy people? Is anyone else scared shitless like me?
Bonus, if you got to choose who would be kicking you, who would you pick? and what would you say afterward?
Viruses and terrorists have some things in common. It is called martial law. How will if the swine flu turns into a pandemic how will it compare?
Seasonal Flu (regular flu) infects millions of people every year. It's fair to say it's a common ailment, just like a cold.
Regular flu also kills thousands of people each year...
Of all the swine flu cases I heard about, most people are getting better, just like with a regular flu.
Of course if you're elderly or a newborn or an immunodeficient person, well, the flu might be harder to treat and may kill you, but that's not news!
Are we panicking over nothing?
Whats the differance in H1N1 and Swine Flu ?
The Centers for Disease Control says 30% to 50% of commercial U.S. swine have been infected with swine flu. As people are concerned about the current outbreak of swine flu in humans and potential for a deadly pandemic with this type and other types such as bird flu from chickens, what do you think about the role that massive factory farms play in the outbreak of these diseases?
Is pandemic studios still working on the Destroy all humans series? I know that Big Willy was done by locomotive, but will they do path of the furon?
k so iv heard tht now 30 states in the U.S have had cases of people w/ swineflu. my question is, what are all of thoughs states nd how many people in each of the states? id perfur if you didnt send me a site.
Will there be better relations between Canada, USA, and Mexico after this epidemic we are going thru? If it gets really bad, or even if it doesnt, the North American Union is working hard to get it under control. After working together, dont you think relations will get better?
And if the worst happens, and this epidemic does kill thousands, dont you think that this are might turn as free as the european union?
I'm busy writing an essay to apply to a trip to Southern Africa. It's on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and I'd really love to get some real news feed on it. I'd love it if people, could just let me know what their countries or areas are hearing and doing about the pandemic. Links to sights, book requests, magizines to check out, or just someone to chat with about it would be most appreciated.
everyone says im the others out of the 6 in alberta that have the swine flu my teachers say i do my mom dose and every student iknow says i have the swineflu i have all the syptoms it is really creepy
I heard that its good to get the swine flu now, because it will come back as a more lethal form in the winter/flu-season, and people who had it now will have some immunity against it. SWINE FLU WILL MUTATE, PREPARE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BY GETTING THE HARMLESS SWINE FLU THATS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW.
you have been warned.
Doesnt it seem a bit weird how the virus is a mixture if swine, human, and bird flu?
Bioterrorism possibly?
What is your view?
It looks as though the flu pandemic will reach us sooner or later. What should we be doing? Do we need to start wearing masks? Is there anything we can eat or drink which will build up our immunity? Will it help if we get lots of sleep so our bodies aren't run down or will we just catch it regardless if we come into close contact with someone who is unknowingly spreading the disease.
stay safe! =]
Is Swine Flu the same as Bird Flu but in human from?
How worried should we be, really?
I live in England, would they shut the schools and stuff here and will it spread this far?
I'm a little worried about the swine flu and i would like to know what a pandemic is, and how it will affect the country. I heard from a friend that schools will be shut down. Please give me all the information you can. Thanks.
what do you think?
I know the definition of pandemic level 6, but what does it mean in real terms? How many more confirmed cases and confirmed deaths would it take, and what geographical spread would be needed?
Are you afraid for yourself or your children / babies? Check out the CDC website:
It's gives you all the information you need to be informed and not let yourself be scared by the media :)
Here is just a small paragraph from that website:
How serious is swine flu infection?
Like seasonal flu, swine flu in humans can vary in severity from mild to severe. Between 2005 until January 2009, 12 human cases of swine flu were detected in the U.S. with no deaths occurring.
I'm adding a simple rating system to the blog to see how helpful/unhelpful the questions and answers are.
I am a public health -epidemiology PhD student. I would like to research pandemic preparedness but I am having a hard time fitting epidemiology into the topic of pandemic preparedness. Everything I have thought about seems so community health based. Any and All suggestions and thougts are appreciated.
What are the odds of school closings, etc. Can someone miss their job w/ out getting fired if they fear swine flu?
I know that food like pork meat doesn't initially contain the virus, but what if someone who was infected or had the flu bacteria on their fingers or something, and touched the food? Wouldn't the food then be contaminated? And then wouldn't you get infected if you ate it? My main concern is cafeteria food which is exposed to the lunch ladies and the rest of the school population. For now I stopped eating it. Thanks.
With all of these apocalyptic movies,video games,and propaganda depicting zombies,rage driven people,and barren landscapes in major cities,I can't help but fear a pandemic.  Many of you say God would not let it happen but scientists may make it happen.  What do you think?
One case was just found here in MI a county away from me. I know no deaths were reported from it here in the US but I read its actually taking lives in Mexico. Im a little concerned..mostly for my 11 month old daughter....and it would suck if more cases started to pop up in my area because I work at a local do you mommies feel?
The child was 23 months old. Is there any way to make sure your newborn does not get this? I am not freaking out, but with one lil one dead its better safe then grieving
They say if it becomes a pandemic, millions and millions will die, and it may take 3 months or more before it's over. What are we supposed to do?
This is not Swine Flu.
It's a new strain created by humans, because human to human contact via swineflu betwee humans who haven't been around pigs is nearly impossible.
not to mention israel/new zealand/australia all have it in timely fashion.
the gov doesn't wnat to create chaos in society but this is not the swine flu, most likely terrorist related. disease beats military machine
I get free church literature and I have this book called 14 signs announcing Christ's return and I read the whole book and one of the signs listed in the book were disease epidemics and do you believe these new viruses(Swine Flu & hini virus) are signs that Jesus Christ is coming soon?
I was a teenager when the 1968 Hong Kong flu went around, I don't even remember the word "Pandemic" let alone a level system. I was just wondering if anybody knew the history on this?
My family say I am being mean and over reacting because I force then to wash hands before touching my little one! ( i was doing it before the swine flu junk)
I get free church literature and I have this book called 14 signs announcing Christ's return and I read the whole book and one of the signs listed in the book were disease epidemics and do you believe these new viruses(Swine Flu & hini virus) are signs that Jesus Christ is coming soon?
I am terrified but found a link about how this virus can affect us and how we can avoid it. Hope I helped a little :)
After exposure to the Swine flu how long does it take for symptoms to appear?
I think there is a conspiracy going on by the government to not let us in on a pandemic outbreak of several viruses. The first one was the Adenovirus outbreak which is still going on and could be of a sometimes deadly strain. Then now there's something else out there, I don't know what it is but it involves coughing and fevers, might be a strain of the flu. Anybody else seeing people dropping like flies?
It's a proven fact that the Illuminati plans to reduce the earths population to under 500,000,000. There bird flu didn't work as well as they intended, is the swine flu the ext and possibly final generation of the virus they inted to use to cull the heard so to speak? Is there anything we can do about it?
What are symptoms of Swine Flu or H1N1 in children up to the age of 12? Please answer?
I need more info for a school report
I already know all I need to about the Pandemic and WW1 by themselves, so please just give me the way they were connected
PS. I need credible sources like internet and books.
there seems to be more cases and 1 school has shut down, wat will happen?and if they dont shut down what if u unknowingly have swineflu and u do ur exams, ur performance will obviously e affected
Can you pass it on to others before you start to feel or show symptoms? Not only swine flu but seasonal flu.
Other than the spread of AIDS throughout the world, the last major easily communicable pandemic that spread through the world resulting in millions of deaths was the Spanish Flu in 1918.
What do you think will be the next big virus/disease that causes worldwide panic/illness/death and how long do we have until it happens?
Are you worried about it?
and if so,
What preparations are you making for it?
Do you have a plan of action in mind to limit risk to your family/loved ones?
The link :
pls. spread it !!!!!!!!!
I heard a small briefing on the news, I didn't quite catch the whole story, apparently all I heard was Texas governor suspends public activities until May 11. If any one else in Texas has heard about this please fill me in. Thanks much.
There have been some cases of the H5N1 avian flu virus being passed from person to person in Indonesia and Turkey. Scientists say it is a matter of when - not if - it becomes a pandemic. No one would have any immunity to the virus. What will you do to avoid infection?
You know when people put "#" in front of a word on their updates. like #swineflu, #celebrity, #blahblah, understand? What does that command mean? I can't find it on their help page.
I read on the internet, from an unofficial source, that the swine flu virus only lasts for about 2 hours outside its host. I know some viruses, such as hepatitis B, can last for up to 6 months outside its host. Does anyone know the actually answer backed up scientifically?
Just wondering if people (other than the news) are really worried about this "pandemic" .
I've heard that a human pandemic would only occur if a person with human influenza also contracted H5N1. Of course, with the spread of H5N1, the chances of a person with influenza also getting H5N1 are going up. I was thinking that if a pandemic were to occur, then I would move into the woods of Western PA until the pandemic lapsed. What other precautions could I take to avoid contracting a mutated human/bird flu during and spreading pandemic and afterwards?
Its not as bad as the media is promoting according to the CDC Centers for Disease Control
Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu)
I'm really nervous about going to work today, I come into contact with a lot of people everyday... I plan on going in early to purchase hand sanitizer, any suggestions on what else I should get to keep myself safe while working?
The plan is to close schools and make kids and teens stay at home – no gathering at friend's homes or at the mall. How would your family cope? Do you have books and games at home for your kids?
The virus is killing 60% of the people who are infected, and kids spread flu more than adults. It is being spread from person to person occasionally. The fear is that the virus is mutating and it is acquiring the changes needed to pass easily from person to person. When that happens there will be a pandemic.
There will be no vaccine for 6 to 9 months after a pandemic begins. It takes that long to make a vaccine.
whats the fatality rate? because i live in cali, and just got like some calls saying "school might be closed down, take some special santiary protocals" and stuff....
so.... anyone.... just.... bring me up to date.!
How could I learn the symptoms of swine flu ?How DO the doctors diagnose the swine flu from usual one?
I'm guessing that the stock markets will crash if there is a bird flu pandemic. Are there any investments that will increase or retain most of their value in such a situation?
The CDC has already determined that Tamiflu and Relenza are effective treatment. Geez - go get some before the world supply is used up.
There, I've done my good deed for the day. (yes, this might be a rant...but I dunno, you tell me...)
Poll: Bird Flu or Pig Flu?
Over spring break (April 4-April 9) I went to New York City. Cases of the swine flu are now being recognized in the city and I am experiencing symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. I'm scared I've been exposed. How long after exposure to swine flu do symptoms take to generate?
My symptoms include sore throat, nasal congestion, fever, and very mild coughing. I don't however have nausea or diarrhea, which is also stated as a symptom. Help! I'm scared. I live in Atlanta and I don't want to be the one who brings swine flu to Georgia.
Other than Turbo Tim's stimuloot accounting errors what reason is there for the Government to attack New York.
If 40% - 60% or more of the people who work to keep our electricity going get sick or die, we may lose electricity during a pandemic.
What would you do for heat, cooking, light, washing clothes, etc.?
just asking im worried
Is it because mexico is a poor country and the people who have died cant afford hospital treatment or anti viral drugs?
Would it be likely that people in the developed world would die from swine flu?
The death toll there has reached 150+, but fatalities in other countries haven't been reported, apart from the poor little boy who was visiting in Houston. I was wondering if anyone has any theories or even wild guesses as to why this is happening.
Just curious, because it seems as though more and more countries are obtaining hazardous materials which may uproar an epidemic that could cause havoc. So will the next pandemic be a new strain or an old one?
i mean what if the Next Infections will be turning into Zombies like Resident evil or 28 Weeks Later!!!! wow what will happen all over the world if you imagine? for me there will be Military, Police and United Nations that will Quarantine Infected People!!! lol!!!
I am a bit astounded that doctors in minor clinics in Nova Scotia can claim to have diagnosed swine flu in four high-school students. Are they using some form of test like the HIV western blot, or are they just looking at these people weezing and in light of the present hysteria, saying OH MY GOD! SWINE FLU!
In 1918 H1N1 Strain of Influenza that got the nickname "Spanish Flu" because it was traced back to a pig farm in Spain, killed 50 million people, what is the difference between that Strain of Influenza and the current pandemic we are facing now?
I'm doing an essay for school, and I couldnt find what the most likely diseases to cause a global pandemic. So I was wodnering if anyone had any ideas?
I already know Influenza and Eblola, but it would still be nice to have a top 5 list. And I'll be mad if anyone says Anthrax, because that cannot cause a GLOBAL pandemic.
Regarding the goverment, or other rogue goverment / terrorists starting this disease and infection purposely, i am not supporting these, i'm just growing rather concerned, your opinion is appreciated,
My Sister and I have been planning a trip to NYC now with all of this Swine flu business I don't know if we should go. They havn't really said if traveling there is ok or not? We are leaving tomorrow.
****What would you do?????
Since the CDC reports only 26 confirmed cases with 8 deaths in Mexico, that would be a mortality rate much higher than the H1N1 influenza outbreak of 1918, which killed tens of millions. Why are the mortality rates in Mexico so much higher than the rest of the world. Does anyone know what the actual mortality rate is?
Why are government and health officials the world over so worried about a flu pandemic? I thought flu, at most, will only give you a fever and a running nose, and then you recover? What is so dangerous about flu?
He's paranoid. We live in NY.