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Hear this.
1.Every year MILLIONS of people die from Malaria or Dengue fever. Be more afraid of mosquitoes than people sneezing!
2. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die from (conventional) influenza.
3. Apart from Mexico, most of the people who have died after contracting H1N1 were already suffering from serious respiratory problems. People who have been in general good health have recovered fully in a few days.
4. Do NOT bother wearing a mask everywhere. Medical opinion is that this is an ineffective precaution.
There are millions of ways to die. Right now H1N1 appears to be an unlikely agent of your demise


Michael F said...

u probably won't get it, unless you know those two people who have it. just wash your hands and you'll be fine. and just because you have the swine flu doesn't mean that you'll die.

Anonymous said...

Wear mask everywhere you go. Wash your hands regularly with anti-bacteria e.g. Dettol. Avoid people who sneeze and got stuffy nose. Very easy to avoid only 2 cases out of 27 million Malaysians je la..

WatISay said...

Easy ma. Just don't eat babi

SBH aka Ryuzaki said...

eat poison i gerenti u wont kena after tat..

Ying Ying said...

stay in 'clean room' or better yet, autoclave yourself!

Square Pants said...

stay at the internet..

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