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A pandemic is a global disease outbreak, a flu pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity too and their is no vaccine for it Yet! Spreads hard and fast among people on the planet There is concern for the H5N1 (bird Flu) this can be a huge threat to humans as well as other animals as well as the birds here on earth.This is very virulent, and spread by many birds that migrate. this could one day be spread from human to humans if it continues to evolve.This is caused by a virus among birds with different subtypes just like the human flu changes every year same goes for the bird flu changes Each combo represents a different subtype.
Flu is a viral infection people over use the flu for many reasons but its only for A B type viruses but this also changes each year so its best to get the flu shot shot and hope this works to stop all the symptoms.This can also lead to ear infections, sinus infections, or bronchitis, and in rare cases some pneumonia.


COUNTRY- said...

The flu virus is one of the most extraordinary of all viruses.
It comes in countless different guises. Recent research in Southern Asia showed that there may be more than 500 different varieties of flu, and new ones emerging all the time. It is a virus that mutates constantly
Flu viruses are classified into three broad kinds: Influenza A, Influenza B, and Influenza C.
Types B and C have both been human flus for hundreds of years. Type C is usually the mildest, causing cold-like symptoms. Type B is the ones that's generally to blame for the classic 'winter flu. There are many variations of these viruses and more than likely we have been exposed to similar flu viruses so that we are able to combat them easily (though not without unpleasant symptoms) and more than likely do not die from them unless we have other pre-existing conditions that can be complicated by the flu.
Type A is the big danger. It remains essentially a bird/avian virus, but every now and then it acquires the ability to cross into humans, either via pigs first or directly from birds. When it does this, people may have so little resistance (they haven't been exposed to anything like it) that a pandemic is possible. With so little resistance, it is more likely to kill us. The mixture of the two factors is frightening to say the least
Birds and pigs are the natural reservoirs for Influenza A strains and the one that is of particular interest at the moment is H5N1. It is currently in pandemic form among birds throughout half of the world, and there have been about 387 cases of humans being infected with it. Of those about 63% have died. Fortunately, the H5N1 viruses have not (yet) mutated to become efficiently transmitted from human to human. For it to become a pandemic it must be easily transmitted.
Pandemic flu is basically bird flu that has mutated to become able to not only infect humans, but also be easily transmitted from human to human efficiently (like the winter flu, but much more seriously). Examples of this are the 1918 Pandemic, 1957 (Asian Flu), 1968 (Hong Kong Flu). Not every pandemic flu is as lethal as depends on the virus itself.
Hope this helps

BJC said...

This is just off the top of my head but:
The Flu or Influenza as it's properly named, is a virus that attacks the immune system and tries to reproduce itself by causing the host to cough or sneeze on other would-be host. (Thus spreading itself and creating more of it's species - the goal of every organism on earth)
Avian Flu - with the Prefix word of Avian which is a root word of Bird is most likely a Flu spread by the contact or consumption of birds.
A Pandemic Flu - with the Prefix word of Pandemic, which derives its meaning from the world Pangaea, which means the whole (world), is a type of influenza virus that has the potential to encompass just that. I don't recall a sickness that's been classified as that, our world's medical experts try to keep tabs on such things, seeing as how one of though would probably kill out the human race.
The differences that I see right this moment would have to be the way they are introduced and how contagious the viral infection is.
The way you've listed them is the order of less to most infectious and dangerous in my opinion.
The normal strain (type/family) of Influenza is commonly passed from person to person by contact and if quarantined (the infected is kept alone or separated) then the infection can be contained and controlled.
The Avian strain is more problematic. The containment of birds is harder to do, seeing as how most species of birds can fly (allowing the virus to spread far and wide) and and there are numerous types of birds everywhere on the planet, not to mention birds (chickens and turkeys in particular) are transported and consumed all over the planet as well. It is difficult but very possible to contain and control an Avian Influenza outbreak.
The Pandemic Flu would have to be the worst case of influenza. This type of virus can travel across the planet much like the Avian strain of the flu but without the need to be hosted or transported within the birds themselves. The only type of viruses I know of to do this are air-born virus strains. Being an air-born strain allows the virus to travel from country to country (if not continent to continent) very easily, just by being brought over by the wind. The virus is also contracted by merely breathing in the air that is infected. With an Outbreak of a Pandemic Influenza strain, it's most likely impossible to contain the virus, once the virus reaches a "Pandemic" state, the world is very literally infected with it. The only solution to a Pandemic Influenza outbreak is a cure to the virus.
Most influenza viruses are easily over come by our bodies immune systems. In fact, our bodies have the cure to very virus, infection, or disease that has exsisted since the dawn of man. We've gained all of these cures genetically from our ancestors, so anything that our ancestors have ever be sickened with, our bodies have the cure for. The only reason why a person ever gets sick is because, your family tree hasn't come into contact with that sickness yet or more likely that your body is having a hard time finding the cure is the infinite number of cures it has in its immune system. It has to go though every single cure it has until it finds the right one. That why most people tell you to rest and relax, this allows your body to concentrate more on finding the cure than on working on pumping your heart or firing your brain synapi while your thinking.
Hoped this helped, Good Luck

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