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what is the diference i ahve heard words used to describe spreading of diseases but what is the difference between them?


PrevMed said...

Good question :)
I answer this one in class as the following:
You're living in New York and suddenly all the cab drivers get sick with a disease called "New Yorktitis", they travel to New Jersey and spread the disease among the other cab drivers and before you know it.... it's traveled across the country and ALL cab drivers in the US are affected by "New Yorktitis"!
The initial disease originating in New York and remaining solely among New York cab drivers is the "endemic".
The epidemic is created when the NY cab drivers leave and spreads the disease in New Jersey.
And finally, the pandemic is when the disease travels across the US and affects ALL cab drivers.
Hope that helps clear it up a bit :)

TweetyBi said...

Epidemic: A disease or condition that affects a large number of people at the same time. That spreads rapidly through a segment of a population, such as everyone in the same geograpic area, age group or gender.
Endemic: The expected or "normal" incidence of disease or a condition that's transmitted at the usual expected rate. An indigenous (native) disease caused by conditions that are constantly present within a community.
Pandemic: A disease or condition occurring throughout the population of a country, a people or the world.
From most extensive to least: Pandemic, epidemic, endemic.

SamSam said...

theya re all classification of disease states....
en-demic: occurs routinely in a given area. malraia is endemic to that part of south america.
epi-demic: when a disease grows to an abnormally large population outside of its normal area. The malaria outbreak was of epidemic proportions.
pan-demic: when an epidemic gets huge... on the verge of being a region-wide or world-wide problem and is infectious, it becomes pandemic.
i included the weblinks for your ease of reading... the definitions are more broad than I wrote. You need to read them to understand.
Best of Luck

jonnynom said...

if something is endemic it means it is found regularly, eg measles etc...
if something is epidemic it means that it is not normally occur that often, and the infection levels have risen ALOT, this is within a particular country
if something is pandemic then it means the a particular disease has risen sharply in a short space of time over a whole continent or many countries..

put_lake said...

When an epidemic gets out of hand, it is called a pandemic.
This has 2 nuances: Geographical spread, Incidence rate

essentia said...

suggest you go to and find out for yourself.

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