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I know someone who thinks the new swine flu virus was released by the government as a way to control the population. What this person means is that there are too many people and the government wants to get rid of a lot of us. I don't believe it. What do you think of this? Is it totally ridiculous?


Matthew said...

ummmmm i don't think so

lost2day said...

So was AIDS, SARS, Bird Flu...LOL. Virus` do mutate.People do get sick.

mid said...

not really us big bucks incorporated already says he wants to thin the population out when i say that i meant the bilderbergers

Niki said...

I think it's a possibility.
Or it could also be an evil and sneaky terrorist attack.
Read this article:

Psych Department said...

Every bad thing that ever happens, people who have nothing better to do just get ideas.
JFK's/Lincoln assassination,
Hurricane Katrina,
War with Iraq..
And so on....
and now this?
It is totally ridiculous.

Ken said...

Just a theory, but I'll bet that nut believes lots of things. Like UFOs abound, AIDS was deliberately caused to wipe out blacks or gays, the World Trade Center destruction was an inside job, known in advance by Jews, etc., etc. These nutjobs are everywhere. Don't argue with them; facts don't matter at all. Just smile and shake your head.

jjiff said...

I think it is ridiculous. If many people died, it would be bad for the economy. Who would pay taxes? The economy is already in bad shape. A pandemic would make it worse.
If you are really worried about swine flu, you might want to make yourself a mask in case someone you know gets the illness. Here's how to do that:

ihearthe said...

I think it is a possibility but I don't believe it has much to do with population.
If you think about it what better time to release a virus while the world is in financial turmoil?
The swine flu has the possibility of closing down shops, schools, restaurants and anything else in that kind of social category in which the virus can be spread.
This can further disadvantage less advance countries giving a greater advantage to stronger countries.
I'm not going to point to any particular Government but I've got theories!
It is also to put the world in a state of fear and maybe has something to do with putting a New World Order in place.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I'm from Mexico and I have seen up close all this madness about the swine flu. Let me tell you something: this is all a fraud.
Yes, there is a virus of a different type of flu out there but it is not mortal. It is just like any other flu.
Statistically around 170 people (aged from 25 to 50) die every month for flu complications in Mexico. That is because of poor conditions, and lack of proper health services.
So far 160 people have died of flu in Mexico since this whole madness appeared, but only 8 deaths are confirmed to be due to swine flu.
This is not a pandemic situation, not even epidemic!!! 170 PEOPLE WERE GOING TO DIE DUE TO FLU COMPLICATIONS, SWINE FLU OR NOT!!!
The deaths don't have to do at all with the virus being mortal.
Last year in Mexico MONTHLY 5000 people died of heart deseases, 6000 for diabetes, 3000 for accidents... 500 people were murdered by drug cartels.
Are you telling me the world should consider 160 deaths (ONLY 8 CONFIRMED TO BE DUE TO SWINE FLU) a pandemic situation?? I don't think so.
Please open your eyes!!! All this is a show perpetrated to cause panic.
The WHO will elevate the situation to level 6 and the borders will be closed. US citizes will be forced to consume national products only because all goods fabricated in Mexico and China will not pass the border.
I think the virus was engineered and released on purpose, but not to kill people, just to cause panic.

Anonymous said...

The government wouldn't want to destroy its tax base.
In most of the developed world, population is *juuust* barely stable, or else about to start rapidly falling because of years of low birth rates.
Governments in these areas (S. Korea, US, Japan, Canada, Europe) really do not want to population to fall, as that will create tax and labor shortages, making it difficult to pay Social Security and similar entitlements, and difficult to maintain basic infrastructure and provide basic health care. The latter is especially important in light of the fact that the average age of the population is increasing.
In addition, with the recent economic collapse, governments of many places (France and Britain for example) are actually quite afraid of the potential for unhappy, stressed-out people to start rioting. The stress and fear of an epidemic, combined with the human desire to find someone to blame, threatens to increase the potential for destabilization even more.
So it is extremely unlikely for the government to want an illness like this. In addition there are known risks associated with factory farming that make it quite likely to be the source of swine flu. Animals do not naturally congregate in the densities found in factory farming. These densities tend to increase the chances for disease to spread and mutate.
In addition, the virus has killed only a handful of people, all of whom were in Mexico. It appears, so far, to be treatable in most cases, especially here where we in general have better nutrition and better air quality. So it would be extremely stupid to release an illness to kill people if it is only capable of killing a few hundred people out of thousands that have contracted it. You could better argue that automobiles were invented to kill people!
So what your friend is saying is *almost* totally ridiculous.
However, not quite. There is a history however of concern over population that reaches far back and has at times had a very serious impact in government policy. This is such a serious historical issue that we need to keep it in mind; Never Forget.. In some other cases or in the future, to think a government may be pursuing a policy for eugenic or population control purposes might be realistic. So even though your friend is wrong and this case is not related, the idea that this could or did happen at some point isn't always ridiculous.
Malthus for example worried that population increases of his time (due to better hygiene, health care and economic factors) would lead to mass starvation, and to the elites (who had traditionally kept their numbers down in order to keep money centered in a small number of families) being swamped by poor people. The poor people in this case were in large part from Celtic ethnic groups. Similarly people like Margaret Sanger and other eugenicists favored using force, such as forced sterilizations, to keep "undesirables" from surfacing in the population. The US in fact historically forced a number of people, especially Native Americans, to be sterilized against their will:
Combining this fact with the fact that in history there are things like governments doing experiments on people with serious illnesses even at the risk of their lives (see: ), and you can see that the basic idea isn't so ridiculous. Governments don't always treat their citizens well, and citizens do need to be eternally vigilant to check government abuses.
Still, your friend is being really silly and paranoid about the swine flu, for all of the reasons I gave in the first part of this answer. Crying wolf like that will just make concerned people look stupid the next time there is actually something real to be worried about.
These are just some examples. You can read more about government-engineered mass deaths and about the connection between eugenics and certain overblown population fears here:

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