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Business will have to be closed and people will have to stay at home. And if people start to die out well you get the picture. I guess we have to wait and see what will go on in the next couple of weeks. But on the bright side they say that tamiflu is effective.


Seldon Surak said...

there have been 8 cases in the US
NONE were fatal

All Knowing One said...


ruth said...

Maybe they'll finally secure the damn border--or no, liberals would scream "racism."

Obama W. Bush said...

Since a Pandemic ended WWI maybe a good old fashioned flu would end the Us Governments War against US Citizens

Anna P said...

Most states have pandemic plans in place. The CDC has plans to limit any virus outbreak, and that seems to be working, unlike the lack of plans in prior outbreaks. But, if one were to take hold, yes it would make the economic situation worse.

Innocent said...

I'm not for sure about that but hopefully it will bring to light the water contamination problem in Mexico as well as the US and the entire world.
Water contamination is the single largest contributor in the world to disease and death.
The life source of this planet is being contaminated at a rapid pace and very little is being done to curb it.

Live To Fish said...

Yes, the economy is already in very bad shape. This would be a knock-out blow. The virus has already spread to over 1,000 people in just a few days and 60 dead have been confirmed. These are just the ***KNOWN*** cases.
I would expect by Monday the number of confirmed cases will grow exponentially. Just a few days ago nobody was talking about the flu and now it's everywhere in the news. Could there be more to this than we know?

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