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Yes badly. And according to the Wall Street Journal there is likely more pain on the way.
The full article is below but here are a few main points:
"Foreign visitors may generate $4 billion less in revenue this year than the $13 billion last year, says Tourism Minister Rodolfo Elizondo. The travel industry...employs 2 million."
"Hotels in the resort town of CancĂșn are running at 29% occupancy during May compared to the usual average 74%"
"Mexico isn't going to be a basket case like Argentina or Venezuela, but it's not going to rebound from this crisis like Brazil, China or India either. That could mean years of sub-par growth,"


Rockin' Mel S said...

0.5% on GDP...
The third incomes entrance in mexico comes from tourism.
Oil first, Money sent from workers outside mexico its second and the third entrance comes from the tourism.
(SO! if oil prices have down, the meltdown its affecting the money sent from migrants and the A/H1N1 outbreak its affecting international travelers to mexico... YES ... We gonna have a very affected economy -_- )

Satori Azteken said...

Another stupid question from you?
I guess you are unemployed and have nothing to do.
Does your wife like you wearing the protection suit in your picture, you need to wear in bed with her, out in public?

Miss Robin Williams said...

The flu didn't come from here in Mexico.
This is like all your other questions, insane and not called for.

Robert S said...

Not really. The over active world press use of the word pandemic hurt the most. What idiots.

lpaganus said...

but the SWINE is not from mexican

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