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Is it likely that the swine flu will become a pandemic?


Drukl said...


Kakashi said...

Yea its very likely ;( its already at emergency level 5 which was what SARS was (i think) it went from level 1 - 5 in 3 days, hell it would probably reach 6 by tomorrow, and although 6 is the max it could make a new world record and go 7

Mr. Cool said...

I have been doing research on the Swine Flu, and it is very likely for the Swine Flu to become a global pandemic. In less than 2 weeks 149 people have died and the ALERT LEVEL of the Swine Flu is ALREADY a 4! ONE being not very lethal at all, almost like a normal flu, more or less, and SIX being a global Pandemic resulting to be very harmful.

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