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What does a influenza virus have to do with the decline in the financial markets? Thanks in advance for your answers.


Seth R said...

Swine Flu didn't just accidentally appear,
The jewish US has problems with Mexico.
1.) Immigration
Suddenly this disease pops up in nowhere else but Mexico, not even Canada. An attempt to cripple a growing neighboring nation's strength.
Even a 4 yr old would tell you that's something awfully awry.

Mr. Wizard said...

Interesting you pose this question, given the amazing through the roof HIGH sales the makers of "Tamiflu" are celebrating. Nothing sells high priced meds like good ol' fashioned FEAR can.........
Anyone else taken note how our irresponsible media doesn't make clear the point this "swine" flu is fatal to persons with severely weak or nearly NO natural immune system, for whatever reason?????
Otherwise, a healthy person snagging the bug is set to experience something three times worse than their last remembered flu bug bout.
That's NOT to say, however, that THIS flu bug strain "N1H1 influenza type A" should go medically UNTREATED. The best possible treatment of nearly ANY serious medical condition comes with EARLY DETECTION.
Keep informed. Visit Be wise to fully follow their PREVENTION advice. Take note on what to do IF you suspect you have N1H1 influenza A ( "swine" flu ). Stay calm--stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Probably nothing to do with the flu. Markets have been rising nicely lately and most likely some profit taking going on today.

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