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My friend is going to Michigan on a plane and she's afraid she'll get the swine flu. Not only is she scared about being in the state, but being on the plane as well. What are the chances of her getting the Swine flu? Is there anything I can tell her to make her feel better or is she right to be worried?


college said...

Check out this all the information you will need

Techzica said...

There is a 0.33% chance of survival, tell your friend to shoot herself now to stop her from experiencing this horrible disease!

emoglitt said...

Just know how to protect yourself and all will be fine.
Avoid Swine Flu

♥Taylor♥ said...

Any0ne can get it... you just got to be safe n clean ur hands!
carry some hand sanitzier.
But everyone can get the Swine Flu!
its just lik a normal flu except from pigs.
So even if she does get it, If she gets to the doc fast enough she will recover.

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