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I've read the dictionary but it still isn't clear to me. The dictionary just confused me more!


hypractv said...

A pandemic would be a disease that spread throughout the entire world. An epidemic would be a disease that is confined to a particular region. So a pandemic is on a much larger scale than an epidemic.

Tyler R said...

An illness or health related issue is considered an epidemic when it starts showing up in a substantially larger number of cases than normal.
A pandemic refers to an illness or health related issue that covers a large area and is effective a very large amount of people.
If you want to gauge how potentially serious an illness/health related issue is just listen to the wording. When they start using "pandemic" they are referring to something that can easily be transferred from person to person and across borders.

Sad Videos said...

A pandemic is when a disease affects an increasing number of people all over the world.
An epidemic is a sudden spike or increase in cases of disease in a community

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