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Karl Rove, from his perch at the Wall Street Journal, criticized the inclusion of "$462 million for the Centers for Disease Control, and $900 million for pandemic flu preparations," on the grounds that "health care also added jobs" in the previous year. Such expenditures were, to Rove, "disturbing" and an example of President Obama's "lack of engagement and leadership."


Rhoda said...

Why did the republican party strip it from Barack's stimulus plan? What were they thinking? Or do they? No wonder their approval rating is only 21%!

Monkey Pig the 2nd said...

Because this particular bill was supposed to stimulate the economy. How are flu vaccines going to stimulate the economy.

Conservative Grandma said...

This was suppose to be a STIMULUS bill. What about the democraps that are in charge? The republicans can't do anything without the democraps.
nice rant - pointless but interesting.

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