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How come everyone is freaking out about swine flu? I know its killed some people in Mexico but barely anyone in the US has gotten it and no one here has died. Why are people dying from it in Mexico but not in the US?
Also, what makes the swine flu a pandemic when there are plenty of other diseases that are spread throughout the world?


Anonymous said...

Everyone is 'freaking out' because as usual, the media has hyped it up.
People are dying in Mexico and not in the States because in the States, there is better health care
and swine flu is a pandemic just because infections can be found worldwide. we are also currently in a cholera pandemic, as well as many other pandemics. The word pandemic does not mean deadly, just world wide.

Nick said...

I'm going to put this simply because i know the people after me will give long extended responses.
You don't show symptoms right away.
We don't have a vaccine for it. (big difference between "regular" flu)
Its a new strand of the flu and people are unsure of what it might do.
Scientists have been thinking there is going to be a new "super flu" around this time that will be a huge pandemic.
What DID turn out good is it doesn't have the effect on amino acids or whatever that was originally thought so its not as deadly and certainly will not be the next plague.

Crystal said...

It is not a pandemic.
It is mass hysteria.
More people die from regular flu than the swine flu.
I think the media has been promoting a lot of the hype.

xtina said...

Youre right; the person who died was from Mexico, visiting here. Now tonight, officials are saying that swine flu might be less severe than they originally thought. good news/.

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