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i heard about the swine flu and im worried, can someone give me information, or maybe relieve me a little by telling me about this


Akhil C said...

I would love to by the way the swine flu was proven to be man-made. And there are many govt. documents released about how they have made a different kind of flu and gave it to test subjects. This may find a bit odd but Bush administration have actually stocked a pile of vaccines for these kind of flu, but here is the catch the flu has mutated into something worse and even if u get flu u don't know if u have the original flu or the mutated flu. either way the govt have asked the pharmaceutical company Baxter to make vaccines the same company which admitted that one of thir vaccines have toxins in them. So, take the vaccines or not to take the vaccines is up to us

Garden Statues said...

It's a previously unknown virus. It broke out in Mexico where it seemed very severe, when I watched the Today show at 7 Central time they said it had killed around 80 in Mexico and maybe a thousand or more were sick. None have died in the US but there have been cases in Texas, New York, Kansas and California. It is unusual at this time of year, most flu outbreaks are late fall and winter and have gone by this time.
The biggest thing was the last I heard they did not have a vaccine against it yet, but it does respone to the antiviral Tamiflu and some other one. If the supply of the drug holds out and it does not get resistant to the antivirals, it should not be that bad in the US.
Most cases of flu are much worse in people with compromised immune systems, and the very young and very old. Sometimes it seems to hit younger, healthy people because they are more likely to be in crowds or where people congregate. The news said that in Mexico City a lot of people are walking around with masks on, but there are still people going to crowded bars and places where there could be people starting to get sick and not wearing masks.
The important thing is try and stay away, if possible from people coughing and sneezing or who seem sick. If you live in somewhere like the midwest at this time of year with so much tree pollen, you could be in a panic from people who just have allergies.
Wash your hands a lot, maybe have some hand sanitizer to be sure, keep computers or phones you share clean, especially if you hear anybody coughing. Don't share cups, glasses, water bottles, etc.
The important thing is, I have heard many TV reporters talk about 1918. I had family members who survived the flu in 1918, and know a little tiny bit about it. One of the biggest things was not only were there no drugs like Tamiflu (That's probably 10 or 15 years old), there were no vaccines against the flu, and they did not even know what a virus was so there was no real way to fight it.
Could a pandemic happen? And yes, they have been warning one could happen for years. But I think they learned about this outbreak fairly early and are taking steps to help. People just have to use common sense, just like in any winter flu outbreak, clean hands, shots if available, stay out of crowds if you can and stay away from coughers and sneezers if you can.

Rubym said...

Depends where you live, they are prepared for the worst and trying to scare everyone so it doesnt turn into a pendemic, I'm in Scotland but i don't think the suspected swine flu people in Scotland have actually got it, they werent in the place in Mexico where people were infected. Anyone that has a cold or flu anywhere will now be panicing and thinking they're going to die

Buzzin B said...

It is a combo virus containing bird, human, and swine flu that has killed over 80 in Mexico (although the reporting is scarce so that number is probably way low).
Listen to radio shows where they are taking calls from Mexico, and to see a better picture of what is really going on. The T.V. news is not telling you everything.

Weird Videos said...

the swine flu has spread from Mexico to the U.S. There are 20 confirmed cases: 8 in NYC, 7 in California, 2 in Texas, 2 in Kansas, 1 in Ohio. Officials from the CDC have declared it a public health emergency. The Department of Homeland Security is releasing 25% of antiviral vaccines.
Here's what officials want you to do: Stay home if you're sick, avoid close contact with people who are sick, wash your hands often, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and keep up with health information in your own community.
Below are some sites that may help you.

dobby930 said...

only 240 people died in 1976 from it, we are freaking out about it cause 68 outa the 3.6 BILLION people on this earth have died from it, they want to crank up the sales on over the medicine, and because less people can aford going to the docter for the common cold, they say its "killer swine flu" so you freak and get checked out..croc of crap..just relax, what happens is ment to happen..dude

Jack's suppressed potential said...

It is also important to remember that Swine flu (well, all flus) can be more dangerous for people with weak immune systems and people who suffer from autoimmune disorders.
Read more here:

anne said...

The greatest precaution you can take is to wash your hands on a regular basis. Also, keep away from anyone who has flu-like symptoms. You probably don't want to be kissing any strangers, either ;).

James said...

Theres a product they just release for preventing the swine flu its located here-

goins041 said...

On the bbc news front page it says:
"World 'well prepared' for virus"
And has pic of a bunch of people wearing masks.
Yeah, that's reassuring.

Out Of Prozaic said...

You might want to check out:http://swine-flu-virus-symptoms.blogspot... They have constantly updated info and health concerns on the Swine Flu virus.

Kevin A said...

This website will tell you all you need to know about swine flu virus.

Skippy said...

Don't worry about it, it comes around all the time.

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