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I will always refer to it as the "Swine Flu". Renaming it is ridiculous! I think it would have better to just explain that it has nothing to do with pork and explain why it was labeled the "Swine Flu" in the first place.


Trojan!! said...

You people gotta stop talking about this ****!!!!!!!!!!! And stop worrying so much!!!!!

Chandler said...

H1N1 is leet-speak and can be pronounced "heiney", so I'm going to start calling it the Heiney Flu... or the Butt Flu :P

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter?

belinda is TTC #s 4-10! said...

I would prefer that people around here think that it's transmitted by eating infected pork. That would make bacon and ham really cheap, and I really like bacon and ham.

Anonymous said...

I agree!
Although there are nutty people out there killing pigs because they think that pigs carry swine flu.
But if we rename it, those same nutty people will find something else to be nutty about, so there ya go!

Julie said...

It's the technical name for it... just like "influenza" is the technical name for the real flu.
Flu strains are named by the number of strands they have... I believe H1N3 is the common type A flu. H1N1 is just the new variety.
I don't think it matters too much. H1N1 is a more accurate name for it than swine flu.

ᵸᵃṩᵢᴄᶦṱ TieBuster ☏ͼͽ☔☃☮☯✈✐✉⨁⨂ said...

there are plenty who want it renamed
American pork producers
are just a few
they don't want the pigs to catch it from humans
i think it is just a plot by the banks and investers to put up the price of pork futures they are low at present but insider dealing and fat greedy pig bankers will get their cut of the profits

Beulah said...

I cannot understand why they call it Swine flu when it is nothing to do with pigs. It is an avian/human virus mix.
Also every time a new flu starts it used to be simply called after the area it started in. (Asian flu, Red flu which started in Communist China) Why is this not just termed Mexican Flu? I had red flu it killed a lot of folk, I almost died with that one. Yet there was none of this fuss.

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