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Seriously Madagascar... Someone just sneezed in Western Europe. You should shut down your sea ports.


Anu R said...

Ok. 1st, sell your abilities that you get in the beginning. Then upgrade all your resistance. Leave, eat a snack, watch TV, masturbate, whatever the hell you do for 10 minutes, come back, and you'll have A LOT of points now. Upgrade your resistances, and then your transmission, as in rodent, insect, water, and airborne. After doing this, open all the tiers, and get only the deadly ones, like heart failure.

martycub said...

I'd first choose parasite, I've had better luck with it. Next sell any symptoms so Madagascar won't freak out too soon. Let it play for a while, build up points, then choose rodents so the ships will carry it. Slowly build up the resistance, then when everyone is infected add the worst symptoms like heart failure, liver failure etc.
good luck, Madagascar is really hard....really the best thing is to hope you start there.

Benjamin A said...

check out this Strategy Guide

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