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fantasti said...

Neuraminidase and Hemagglutinin--they're proteins on the surface of the virus. There are several different types of both, and the numbers after them refer to which types a particular virus has. It's just a way of labeling influenza strains more specifically.

cryptoxm said...

The letters refer to two proteins (hemagglutinin and neuraminidase) on the surface of the virus. The numbers refer to slight variations in the form of each protein. The variations are important, because our immune system hones in on those proteins to attack the virus.
As it turns out, human strains of H1N1 flu are also pretty common. In fact, the vaccine used for the flu season that’s just ending protected against a strain of human H1N1 virus. But unfortunately, because of differences between the human and swine versions of the flu, the human vaccine doesn’t appear to protect against swine H1N1.

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