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Sadly,people die from the flu every day--but we are only hearing about the swine flu.


heathroc said...

What is that chick talking about..."People are immune to it?" We're not immune to's a combination of swine, bird and human flu. It's a big deal because it hasn't been seen here since the 70s. But basically it's just a different strain of flu.
The U.S. has 102 cases here with 1 death. WOW! The regular flu kills over 35,000 people every year...people need to stop freaking out.

!Helpme! said...

Swine flu is not that different from a flu, but this is something no one has ever dealt with before, so there is no cure. It's said that Swine flu was fist a decease on pigs that soon mutated and someone caught it, But my question is. If the flu mutated, than why can't we do the same to the median for the flu? Anyone have an answer for that one!? Hope I helped you understand a little better. I wish EVERYONE the best of luck!
~RoXaS ThE FrEaK~

Roxas The Freak said...

Nothing that they can yet determine. It's theorized that it kills otherwise healthy adults whereas, typically, its the very young and very old that are usually affected. I found this article a good read.

Eric M said...

i was wondering the same thos well the swine flu the reson people are dieing alot in mexico is becuase they have no health care and the swine flu is diffrent becuase it is worse

anastasi said...

A person who dies from swine flu is likely to be resurrected a few minutes later as walking dead. I know it sounds like movie wierd but their heart keeps beating and some even try to bite other people!

Hitchhik said...

Swine flu is a mix of bird,pig,human flu. It's just a stronger hybrid. Right now the mortally rate is not known but it is higher than standard flu.

Yoho said...

birld flu mutated into pigs and so it was pig/bird flu and now its
pig/bird/human flu
thats why its that much more bad

Hi! said...

Its a different strain and we have never been exposed to it!

kimmer said...

cause it can kill you within 48 hours.
thats 2 days
which is only 2880 minutes
which is only 172,000 secs
thats not that long

bobby beats said...

because this specific type of flu has never been seen before.
and we dont have medicine for it yet, theyre working on it!

bafas! said...

Because it's a new strain. We've never dealt with it before, so we're being overly cautious.

Cory M said...

Humans are immune to it and it spreads faster from person to person.

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