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Ok, my friend hes a foregin exchange student. They are saying people are not alloud to cross the border. He lives in Kolen, Germany. Hes supposed to fly back on June 2nd? Will he not be able to go back then?
They are saying people cant cross the border because of swine Flu.
And there are people in his city in Germany with Swine Flu!!!! Btw we are in The USA.


Beulah said...

Rose is posting the same answer to every question. So if anyone is mug enough to part with $14.95 for a book about swine flu just follow her link
I do not think they have closed any borders Yet. i hope not, i am going to USA in June

Akhil C said...

Lol the borders aren't closed yet but it will if the Pandemic level rises to 6. Now its at 5. and the reasons are if a pandemic lvl 6 is put then it is as similar as saying this is gonna be a huge outbreak and to shutdown borders to prevent more spreading. The borders are not "supposed" to be close. This is not ideal for a globalizing world which need to travel.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I googled swine flu and got some answers. I also found some funny shirts about it. Check them out

Samohi said...

I am unaware that they have closed the borders yet

JL said...

There are no travel restrictions yet.

Uri3lV8 said...

Of course we can't do anything abt it... (its going to be like thoses zombies so get ready to buy guns and food)

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