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ok so my school called saying that 1 person has the SWINE flu... should i stay home, or go? they said school is still opened but i realy dont wanna take my chances on getting the swine flu... what do i do?!?!?!?!


Michael said...

If the kid is staying home I would go, just make sure to wash your hands frequently and not touch your nose eyes or mouth.

Funny Cop Videos said...

Swine Flu is being over-stated because it's an unknown virus, But so far seems like normal flu.the symptoms are the same as normal flu but can have diarrhea and vomiting aswell. the chances of dying from it i would say very low.
Did you know 36,548 people die every year from the flu?, But you never here about that on the news do you?
This is a scare tactic, And it's working.
so dont flip out
juschool is important and its close to the end of the year so you really shouldnt misss it. Heres a few things that can prevent you from getting sick
eat healtheir ( more fruits and stuff) (including drinking healtheir drinks)
wash your hands before and after every meal, dont let anybody touch your food
dont get to close to people
get a good amount of sleep
take vitamins
try using germ x and stuff
dont drink after other people or share silver ware
im sure youll be fine

bookmark said...

You should read up on this site, it has all the information about swineflu

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