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I work at pork slaughter house and i work on the kill floor soon after there dead and since pigs are a main carrier for this virus am i at greater risk for this. Also there have been samples of the suspected virus sent out from our county and our schools are being closed next week


Shanim said...

The swine flu originated from a strand that existed is swine. The form of Influenza people are contracting all over the world is from exposure to infect human host, not swine. The H1N1 can't jump from a pig to a human.

The Hat said...

The Swine Flu is being transmitted through Mexico. You are not at risk.
EDIT: You are not at a "greater" risk simply because you work at a meatpacking plant in the USA.

Anonymous said...

The H1N1 strain can only be passed human to human

taylor said...

swine flu is a load of bullsh*t

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