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I have all the symptoms besides fever, but I never get a fever, my temp is always below normal. I'm just afraid I will get more people sick if I go to the hospital because theres alot of people there who don't have it yet. My symptoms are livable, but thats probably because of all this vitamin C and anti viral i've been taking. and I don't go to school or work. My mom has it too, but so far my dad and sister and brother are fine.


Savanna said...

Call Your Dr. or E.R.
To See What they Have To Say
Feel Better Quick

Savanna said...

You have to have a FEVER.
Psssh you never get a fever? Sure.

Anonymous said...

goooooooooo to the hospital write away and dont go to work or school or whatever until u do goo to the hospitl now

shay w said...

If you don't feel too bad stay home. The regular flu is still going around too. And don't sneeze on any pigs.

muffinma said...

I would go just to be on the safe side, you dont want to be passing around to people if you did have it

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