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I had swine flu about 2/3 weeks ago. Im over it but when i had it it left me run down and needing a number of naps during the day. Now if i don't have a nap i get over tired and angry. The by the time i start waking up again its about 11/12 o'clock at night so then i struggle to sleep in the night.
Im 15 i shouldn't be needing naps at 3pm and getting excessively tired from walking around Tesco, What can i do to help me sleep?
plus ive not had a nap the last few days and it doesn't help just makes me more tired.


Ollie said...

You could always try taking a nap and just setting an alarm so that you don't take so long of a nap? Chamomile tea can help and the scent of lavender often helps. Make sure you aren't watching TV or using the computer for at least 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. If all else fails, find the most boring book you have and try reading it in bed, you'll be out in no time!

Dani said...

Hi it will take a bit of time to get your body clock right.Stick with not having a nap & eventually you will sleep on a night.If you continue to not sleep go & see your doctor.
Good Luck

AJ said...

take some natural melatonin or go outside and the sun will give u melatonin
melatonin is what makes u sleep at night

Peace. Love. Musik. said...

try to get in a habit.
wake at 7am. go to bed at 8pm

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