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I woke up this morning and my throat is sore..... very very very sore! like theres a barb wire down there, i find it hard to swallow.
Coughing alot, also coughing up flem.
Acheing joints.... infact my whole body is aching.
Feeling weak, tired, fatigue.
Heavy head.... a headache.
I have not got a fever/high temperature.
Is this Swineflu that i have?


CRUZ ☮ -AFC said...

Well the symptoms you have described could indicate many thins, including influenza and "swine" flu. It could also just be a general virus infection. You would most likely have a fever though with the flu, even a low grade fever. If it just came on this morning, then I would stay home and rest. Drink lots and lots of water and juice, and take Tylenol or something for the achy joints and headache. If it gets worse later, and you feel very bad, then I would suggest either calling a doctor or going to an urgent care. Only go to ER if you really have to. This could just be the start of a bad cold, so don't worry too much. It could be swine flu, but it's more likely that it's not. If you make it through the night and tomorrow you feel worse or have a high fever, then I would definitely see a doctor. You would want to make sure you get antibiotics or any other treatment you would need, if it is something other than a virus. Also, the really bad sore throat could be strep, but you would have white patches starting to form in the back of your throat. That is probably unlikely you have it though. Hope this helps and feel better soon. I noticed probably three to four other questions on here stating someone thinks they have swine flu. It's most likely not, but people just get worried because of the outbreak. So most importantly, don't worry yourself to thinking that.

Savannah said...

Figure out what you ate.. get the receipt if you can and then go stright to the emergency room!

Ace of Spades said...

Could just be the flu. Swine's not really going around that much anymore.

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