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It amazes me how often these words are used incorrectly, especially in the media. These words elicit fear because of what people think they mean and how they are used. The sensationalism of the news to get ratings. I would just like to see how many people actually know what they mean and perhaps educate a few others.


lotstodo said...

Endemic~Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality, region, or people: diseases endemic to the tropics.
Epidemic~Spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time: an epidemic outbreak of influenza.
Pandemic~Medicine Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population: pandemic influenza.

Chris J said...

No one cares- and to be perfectly honest, neither do you. How can you even believe that an online forum that has 12 year olds answering questions can make a difference? Most people on here cant even spell, or even use correct grammar. You wasted points to ask this question? Keep in mind, the "media" is nothing more than people reading aloud or putting to print something that someone ELSE wrote for them. In most cases there hasnt even been an editor present to approve the type. Its cheaper to get rid of editors or to hire the bosses nephew than to actually employ quality. Spell checkers, even when used which is rarely are no replacement for grammar checkers. Or dare I say, fact checkers. And the 1% who take notice, ought to realize that the 99% who dont, are sheep whom it wouldnt matter if you explained the difference between pie and pi. Theyre too brain dead from years of beer guzzeling, smoking and spewing out the same stories that they heard some coworker spew. And the coworker heard the spew from someone else, who heard it on a tv SITCOM. Most people are idiots and the rest are children posing as adults because they have access to an online dictionary to make themselves appear more mature. THESE people youre seeking answers from??!!? NO answer will suffice because in the end, it makes no difference. You live in a world where most of the populace believe in a God that they cannot see, hear nor touch. Yet they have no problem going to war over their religion. Now watch as the brainless masses give me a thumbs down because, the TRUTH hurts.

. S said...

Wow sounds like you're fearful of S.'s comments. What a tirade you deemed necessary to that answer. Defensive much?
Seems like S. struck a nerve.
Interesting how your response to S.'s answer was longer than your actual question. Im curious, how do you deem S.'s comments to be immature but your insulting retort not?
You might want to look up immature in the dictionary, being an "adult" as you claim to be, doesn't qualify for maturity of mind.
You gave S. a thumbs down for cynicism and called S. ignorant? Sounds like youre too immature to handle reality. Life isnt pretty and if you choose to perceive a cynic as immature, then the fingers pointing at your own ignorance.
Oh,by the way, looking up a term is nothing akin to copying and pasting an "answer". One implies learning is probable from the action, the latter does not. I don't expect you to note the difference however.
You're very quick to finger point, yet appear to know nothing of looking in the mirror. You imply a great deal about S.'s immaturity yet only show your own by berating S. Maybe that was S.'s desire to begin with, to show yourself, your true self to the forum.
Im not sure where you're deriving the sence of "fear" when you mention "There is no reason a person should be fearful if it is not warranted." Perhaps this is you protesting too much as shakespeare might have said, of your behavior. On a final note, the word cynic come from the latin cynici- they were an influential school of ancient philosophers. Apparently you could learn a thing or two about philosophy, being so lacking in decorum as you appear to be.

Chevloya… said...

The scope of the disease. Endemic is something that affects a local population; epidemic, nation-wide; and pandemic, world-wide.

. S said...

Endemic: a disease that exists permanently in a particular region or population. Malaria is a constant worry in parts of Africa.
Epidemic: An outbreak of disease that attacks many peoples at about the same time and may spread through one or several communities.
Pandemic: When an epidemic spreads throughout the world.

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