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When I mean big, I mean death to 1/3 of the population big. Do you think it would be natural, or biological warfare?


Mattshu said...

Why worry? Enjoy today.

☆BTriX☆ said...

Most likely something will happen - that is the natural course of things. When something gets too overpopulated nature has ways of thining things out.
The way antibiotics are overused today I'd say it'll be a drug resistant strain of strep throat or pneumonia.
Of course the big California earthquake will have happened by then. I don't know if it'll kill 1/3 of the population, but I'm sure it will be quite a few.

namairb2 said...

It's really something that everyone see's the same thing happening within the same time period. Dare I say that more people are reading there bibles? I do believe that we must think of world wide not just the USA. The young are sometimes narrow minded this way. There are so many things from a great fathom caused from our broken ecological atmosphere to the public health problems mentioned. Whatever the cause I can only pray that The majority of people find a merciful demise. I wish you all well And please, this is only my opinion.

essentia said...

there will be a pandemic, and it will be catastrophic and I am betting it will be in less than ten years... possibly the avian flu virus, possibly another virus, but it will happen, and soon.

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