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H1N1 is just the strain of flu it is. it's still called swine flu, H1N1 is scientific, you don't need to know it.


woody said...

It's got nothing to do with killing pigs. ALL animals with cases of this virus will most likely be culled now that the virus has reached WHO pandemic alert phase 4 (and above). As a virus that can be transferred from animal to human, and from human to human, is very bad news.
"Swine flu" was never an official name for the virus, as far as i can tell. Just a term coined by the media. The pork industry was suffering from peoples lack of knowledge about this virus, so the name "swine flu" has been discouraged in the media. Pushing for "mexican flu" and, of course, this "official" (lab) name of the virus.

Rob said...

The pork producers thought it was unfair to them and their sales of pork as food was slipping. the government and WHO agreed that people DON'T get the flu from eating pork, to they changed it to remove the name "swine"

xtina said...

Irrational people started killing pigs over it.
So they switched the name to stop that from happening.

David D said...

I wish they called it George W. Bush flu.

John S said...

porque they felt like doing it

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