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do you think its a bit hyped up? is it a real concern? do you have any plans in place for a pandemic? or maybe you know someone who has swine flue?


^_^ said...

Good hygiene! treat like normal flu! that's what it is!
what you have to remember is that the word 'pandemic' is just to grade the outbreaks level of contamination. Just because its a pandemic today does not mean its any more 'harmful' than it was yesterday.
The government are doing EVERYTHING they can to prevent it becoming a big problem. So don't worry.

Seb said...

does anyone else think that WHO is making the swine flu look more deadly than it really is. The call it a pandemic, but most people think a pandemic is a seriously deadly virus like black death. The fact is there is no reason to be scared of the swine flu. It is as serious as a regular flu, people are just freaking out because its a new type of flu. Asians are especially worried because they relate it to the avian flu.

Funny Horse Videos said...

I predicted 4 months ago that a influenza pandemic would occur in the next year and look now.
Anyway here is an article i wrote a month ago about it (so it's a bit dated):
Swine flu Q and A, information and help?
Just going to tell you some facts...
Is there a cure?
No, there is no cure for anything viral.
Is there a vaccine?
Health scientists are working on one.
Will it be worse than the Spanish flu?
Very unlikely, healthcare has improved vastly since then. (20-100 million people died worldwide in the 1914 Spanish flu).
Who is most at risk?
3rd world countries and LEDC's such as south america, Africa etc.
Is it a worldwide pandemic?
Whether you like it or not, it is. A pandemic is a disease outbreak over 2 or more countries, an epidemic is one country.
Do you need to worry?
Not yet. It is highly likely this will all be over soon.
Other facts:
It is an H1N1 strain.
It is an influenza pandemic.
The reason it is called 'Swine' flu is that it is highly common in pigs and it supposedly originated from pigs.
It is a respiratory disease.
The symptoms
Muscle ache, headaches, sore throats, severe pain and vomiting.
Despite my age it is highly likely that i know more than you on this matter. I tried to make this simpler but if you don't understand or want more scientific help then mail me. I will be happy to help.
I have researched this and everything to do with notable pandemics, viruses etc for over 2 years in my spare time and at school.

Gareth O said...

i caint say im loosing any sleep over it, i dont mean that harshly, i know people have died, but sometimes the media make it sound like the end of the world like bird flu a few years back then it kind of fizzles out, the world has pandemics every now and again,, its evoloution

Yawash Y said...

What happened with this, like last month you couldn't get away from it, then there was no talk of it for a few weeks and now its back, and its a pandemic.
I ma not worried and i dont think we should be worried, if your time is up, you could die now.

Secrets& said...

I dont think many people care anymore, the news just think of more and more stuff to worry people with its stupid.

Martin C said...

Not in the slighted
The chances are Zero that you will get it
Unless you work in health care

BanjoBoy said...

nah, that was SOooo last month!

BobsPony said...

its sooo exaggerated. no im not scared at all. dont know y its a pandemic

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