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Where do you think its come from? (I know its from Mexico though!)
Do you think its the end of the world?
Do you think its serious,like the Great Plague,and we'll have a world fire next year?
Or do you think its like bird flu,where its just the media taking stories and calling them pandemics?
How long do you think the pandemic will last?


katiet93 said...

Swine flu is a mixture of human flu, avian influenza and swine influenza. So no-one has any natural defences from it.
This means it COULD affect more people, however the media are causing a complete frenzy, after all it is just the flu, and people have already recovered from it.
The only people it could possibly kill are those with weak immune systems, and with a lack of medical care.
It will probably die down in the media in a couple of weeks, and after that everyone will forget about it.

einstein said...

i think the swine flu is EXTREMELY over exaggerated. it is not any worse than the regular flu. people are only flipping out because there is not vaccination.
many people every year survive the flu without a vaccination. and many people die as well. the thing about the people dying is mutual between the swine flu and the regular flu, they are either very young, or very old. their immune systems cannot fight off the infection, vaccination or not.
this is just blown out of proportion because the US has nothing better to talk about in the news right now.

Maria said...

i think it just came from a mixture of viruses. and its NOT the end of the world. there's kind of a 'pattern' ~ if you'd take note of the bird flu, Asian flu etc which have occurred over the past decades. also,its dangerous.every virus IS dangerous. we have to take precaution against it 24/7. it wont go away just like that. we have to fight it,to eliminate it. though,its possible it might come back again,like the bird dies down and HITS you. so,its IMPORTANT for people to be alert at all times and to practice basic hygiene. The news from the media,i wont call them 'stories' they're warnings. and i have definitely no clue as to how long will it i stated,they wont be gone forever.
all i can say is that i offer up my prayers and condolences to those whom suffered due to this H1N1 virus.

KZ said...

It reminds me of the time bird flu struck, and the time when we had the SARS virus.
There's a lot of mis-information going around in the media which confuses people more. Our scientists are working on isolating the problem and developing remedies for it.
It's not the end of the world but just a caution for all the things that can so suddenly affect us.

Infant Clothes said...

I think that it has been extremely over-exaggerated by the media and has therefore wrongly panicked alot of people. You can die of ordinary flu but no one worries about that! I think that people should stop worrying and keeping themselves cooped up and get out and enjoy the sunshine!!

ya uhuh said...

My opinion is for everyone STUPID and INCONSIDERATE enough to still travel to Mexico on vacation since this outbreak....I hope you get the wicked stuff while you're there and then can't get out of the hell hole for 10 days.

Kids Birthday Party Supplies said...

its just flu nothing more, the media have hyped it out of proportion as usual, over 5000 per year die of the regular type of flu but the media don't stir up trouble and scare monger over that one

typhoo said...

Totally hyped up, the people that have caught it from the first people to contract it don't seem to have the strain so bad.
With all flues the young and the frail are always at risk.

octogen said...

It is going to cause a hell of a lot of head aches of both kinds, painful and worrying
type. If i get it so be it; it is a risk i take yearly.

α∂rιe♥* said...

No its not the end of the world
No its not THAT serious
And the media is throwing this way out of proportion.
I think it'll last like 2 months at the most.

misticba said...

Its not as serious as people think. Our media is so dramatic. Its not the end of the world, so breath. Just keep washing your hands

flo said...

it seems to be far more exaggerated than the danger warrants. After all they're are very few cases of person to person transfer, that will be the real danger in such a case

Penny F said...

run byotch run!

RoB said...

All i can say is, i'm still fighting off bird flu.

Grainne said...

It frightens me.

Samuel said...

people keep panicing to much

ash said...

death is upon us

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