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I want to be infected and spread it to my friends.


Greeter_ said...

GO! have contact to the person who have IT!
INHALE in their mouth, make them sneeze and INHALE the droplets from the sneeze.
It only takes a tiny amount to start an infection!
P.S.: share it to your family, neighbors and YEAH to your friends.Don't tell any doctors, spread it until it MUTATES into more virulent and contangious one! LOL
FACT- Did you know that some people who are carriers of H1N1 flu virus (commonly called swine flu) didn't show any symptoms. They may carry the virus and transmit to others without knowing it!

sweet_az said...

You'd have to come into contact with someone that had the virus, then you could catch it and pass it on to your friends.

Kids Party Invitations said...

Go make out with a bird flu patient in the hospital.

Metal Discussions said...


ladygree said...

hopefully you will get it then and die.

say what said...

1. go to mexico
2. have sex with a pig:)
good luck

Summer said...

wow you're a f*cking idiot!!!! if they're your friends why would you want to infect them?

sniper62 said...

Ur f**kin retarded it could kill u and it doesn't come from pigs.

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