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My girlfriend came back from Mexico about 2 weeks ago while the high school kids, who came back with the swine flu and are causing more to be sick, were there. My girlfriend now has all the symptoms, including a 101.5f fever. I have been with her a lot since she came back.


sanhorn9 said...

she needs to go to the doctors... now!
you have to take every precaution necessary...
I wouldn't worry about it yet, we don't know how it spreads, but, if you start to show symptoms, go to the doctors.
but for now, just be precautions, some kids in my district got it,so I might be at risk, but, I just wash my hands and look out for symptoms
best of luck :)
there really isn't a treatment for this flu yet, just gotta go through it...

Bathroom Safety Products said...

Be sanitary, obviously. And go see a doctor. It's only as bad as it seems because of the media, not THAT many people have died [in comparison to other flu outbreaks].
also, the reason so many people in mexico died, is because they are living in filth and do not have propper sanitation and medicine.
Go to the doctor, get tested, and get some medicine. [and advise your girlfriend to do so as well]

Mike A said...

Do not panic. It can be treated. Do you have any of the symptoms? If not, then you dont need to worry. Take your girlfriend to the hospital and ask for tamiflu, and stay indoors often and WASH YOUR HANDS, take regular showers. By the way, your name is VERY similiar to mine! Mike A - Mike B =]

Sven said...

Please visit your doctor ASAP and do what he tells (Probably tamiflu, relenza or a vaccine)

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