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I'll be traveling soon to California and well...we're all very scared of the swine flu. So I was thinking; can the swine flu exist at international airports? Should we be wearing the masks? I was thinking about going to Disneyland (Southern part of California) and I'm really confused as to whether we should still go! Please share your thoughts and feelings!


nickipet said...

masks do nothing to protect you from swine flu or any other virus. a level 4 containment suit would protect you from a virus - that is what people who do research on viruses wear. It is cumbersome, and uncomfortable. It is not something you could wear anytime you left your house.
the flu can absolute exist IN an airport, but only for a matter of hours after a sneeze or hand contact. it can't just reside there for months after an infected person has been in the airport.
the flu can exist on wet surfaces ( like a lavatory in the airport) for several hours.
I think ( not sure) that the flu can only last for an hour or 2 in the air. You are mostly at risk if you are right next to an infected person who sneezes, or if you have touched a contaminated surface.
Personally, i would have no worries or doubts about going to CA or Disneyland this time of the year.
My answer might be VERY different next December.
and, obviously, i would not travel through an airport in Mexico.

MamaBas said...

The authorities in the UK are advising everybody not to travel to 'infected areas' - for now. Depends when is 'soon', and what happenes in the next day or two, when it will be confirmed, or otherwise, whether this is a pandemic situation.
If you are really scared, cancel/postpone your plans, for now?

Zero Gravity Chairs said...

You should still go, wear a mask though.
You dont wanna risk getting it at all.
And we dont want it to spread anymore, even though it is :(
but dont let this ruin your life.
Im going to Florida in 11 days ( Im from England) and im kinda scared to, even though the Swine flu hasnt hit Florida, well not that I know of.
Have fun.

Sara K said...

I was worried too but felt much better after reading this article:
Washing your hands is a good idea. Surprisingly, eating garlic does have antibiotic effects. Oh, and you can't get swine flu from eating pork products. I hope this helps!

cherring said...

YES it is possible. Especially if someone has been in that particular airport that you will be in. California is one of the six states that has had confirmed swine flu go through there. Have fun but be careful.

Brett said...

Yes... my guess and everyone else's by end of today there will be 3-5 more confirmed states with Swine Flu... be prepared its the end of the world.... Umbrella Corporation has tooken over...

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