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I am presently working with teh African and Caribbean communities within Toronto to address the issues surronding HIV/AIDS infecting. I am a social worker, working with youths and is seeking your advise.


smelly pickles said...

Give every one the flu or pneumonia. Wait a while. Then see who has AIDS still. It may take a couple of tries to get rid of AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean completely, but it should work.

Baby Doll Strollers said...

This is a heart-breaking condition that is affecting these good people and I feel like we in the USA should support education and prevention more than we have in the past. I'm not sure how we would do it, but surely there is some way to help. Godloveya.

Outdoor Garden Decor said...

Good for You, I think you are doing just that, By caring asking questions Specking out making your voice known/heard. This is the only way we can Help each other, You may want to look into talking on a radio station there in your area. You may want to look into talking with some of the school officials asking if you can come visit the schools allowing students to ask you questions you bring Information pamphlets to them. I can go on and On but you are doing what you can do. God will Help you do the rest because this is call Giving Back. I wish I were living in your area I would very much want to aid/help you in this Journey Just remember you want be able to reach everyone but a few is more than enough. take care

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