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i go to college by metro
7alena fe el metro byb2a bo2ena fe boo2 ba3ed
so what do u think of wearing a mask when i go to college only when i am in metro
since there maybe ppl in egypt got infected with these desease


Passion said...

That will be protection if u wear the mask. I hope no one else will get infected by the flu.

passiona said...

a2ollek 3ala ser?
ana lamma bakoon mesh ma3aya el3arabeyya.
we harkab metro,ba2aly yeegy 3 asabee3 keda balbes mask 3ala weshy awwel mabanzel elma7atta wab3ed 3an elsama.
bas 3awza a2ollek ya3ny elmotro da law bey3addy 3aleeh 5 million bany adam filyoom,fa menhom 5 million ella wa7ed haybosso 3aleeky.
we lwahed el2a5eer da tab3an howwa enty.
bas i don't care ma7addesh loh 3andy haga,mesh a7san men lamma at3edy?
5osoosan en elmetro beyerkabo kol eltaba2at welly beysheelo el rubbish sorry ya3ny we keda,fa manteesh 3arfa ba2a meen haykoon fy bo2ek zay mabet2ooly.
p.s.:bey7arrar geddan.

Rose Petals Falling said...

Hi, dont worry yourself too much, i was quite scared at first because my college was giving warnings on what to do if u get symptoms, but now i am more relaxed, so you wont need to wear a mask - i even heard that the mask doesnt actually help that much, only to an extent.
Oh you want to be a police officer? :-) masha'Allah your inspiring to many girls i am sure! I hope that works great for you insha'Allah

Funny Crash Videos said...

Fe el Metro Byb2a " BO2ENA FE BO2 BA3D "
Walahy 3aaaaaaaL ya 3ab 3aaaaaaL !!!!!
TAB 7ad y2olly Arod 2a2ool Eah ???????
3ashan fe Nas !!!!!
(we 3arfeeen Nafsohom !!! )
Byrga3o Y2ololy " 7*ef Shwaya !!! "
7ader ya nas yaly 3arfeen nafsokom !!!
; : 0 )
how ever :
I really liked the comment of the Famouse journalist Ahmed Ragab when he said :
(" we did import the metro vehichels from france yet we should import passengers too )
; : I0III ) <<< wearing a mask
peace !

Smartphone Emulators said...

okay let me tell u some thing but don't be angry, or be angry but not some much ,lol
i respect you, but i don't like the way u think.
first of all u wanna become a cop !!
u wanna fight !!
damn, that gonna happen only after the real men extinction !
now u wanna wear mask on the street ,haha
about me, i will live free, i don't care if i live short, but i will live happy, and i will die free
no offense, but believe me u have to rethink about increasing ur romantic side little bit
good luck, and i wish i didn't make u angry with my stupid words.

samy n said...

it is non sense you must know we lost more than thousand peoples yearly on road accedents,,,we lost another more than thousands by virus C, we lost more than than this by councer,,,all of this happen now days on egypt so when you ask to wear a mask for h1n1 you make me laugh

heso said...

you can wear it if they announced its spread in Egypt, other than that, you will be ok, unless you want to wear it anyway just in case.

Michael B said...

Masks aren't necessarily needed as it is still unclear on how it spreads through air, but if you want to wear one you can. The most important precautions to take would be washing your hands.

ღ Voice from the Past ღ said...

LOOOOL @ byb2a bo2ena fe boo2 ba3d
you are hilarious ya gigi wallahi :D
Anyway,i think it's a great idea !
i may do it myself if they say it's essential
Rabena ye7fazna

Khaled said...

el wekaya khayr men el 3elag

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